Meghan Markle Warned Not To Marry Prince Harry: ‘The Windsors Are Cold,’ And ‘Crowns Are Made Of Thorns’

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British journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown has a warning for Meghan Markle: “For your sake and ours, don’t do it.” Alibhai-Brown recently wrote a scathing, cynical newspaper column about the upcoming wedding between Prince Harry and Markle, and she then appeared on Good Morning Britain to explain her view. So, why does this columnist think Markle should “get away” from the royal family?

Meghan Markle’s Wedding To Prince Harry May Not Be The Beginning Of A Fairytale

Alibhai-Brown started her column by wishing the couple joy, but then quickly changed her tune and made the argument that the Suits actress should just say “no” to Prince Harry.

“This is not a dreamy fairy tale,” wrote Alibhai-Brown. “Most crowns are made of thorns as well as diamonds. She can’t possibly understand what she is getting into. The Windsor’s are a cold and dysfunctional family.”

Princess Diana Is The Ultimate Example Of Life As A Royal

When the hosts of Good Morning Britain challenged her position, Alibhai-Brown said all we have to do is look at the royal family track record with women who have married into “the firm.” The most tragic example is what happened to Princess Diana, who was a 19-year-old virgin when she married the much older Prince Charles.

From day one, he refused to give up his mistress but still married Diana at the urging of his family. Alibhai-Brown says the Windsor’s used Diana and it ended up ruining her life.

Princess Margaret Had To Sign Her Love Away

She also talked about Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister, who did not marry Peter Townsend – a divorcee – because the Church of England and the British cabinet would not allow it. Alibhai-Brown says Princess Margaret had to sign away her love and suffered because of it.

The journalist also mentioned Sarah Ferguson, also known as Fergie, and her failed marriage to Prince Andrew; and she even talked about Kate Middleton, and how she used to have a personality, but the royal family took it somewhere.

‘The Firm’ Is More Modern Today

The hosts of the morning show shot back with the argument that the royal family is more modern now, Markle isn’t a teenager like Diana was, and the couple obviously loves each other. But, Alibhai-Brown says they are going into the firm, and the rules of the firm change everything.


The journalist concluded by saying that if she is wrong, she will be happy. She hopes she is wrong but doesn’t think she is.

For the first time since announcing their engagement, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appeared for a walkabout in Nottingham. It was their first official royal joint appearance, and according to The Guardian, fans were excited to see the soon-to-be princess; with many admitting they had “bought the fairytale.”