'The Bachelor' 2016 Spoilers: Network Could Be Pushing Ben Higgins And Lauren Bushnell Into A Televised Wedding

The Bachelor 2016 is quickly nearing its conclusion, and spoilers indicate that Ben Higgins and his final pick could be headed to a happy ever after that starts with a televise wedding.

[Warning: Bachelor 2016 spoilers ahead]

Fans of the ABC reality dating show watched as Higgins narrowed down the field to just two choices --- JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell. For several months now, spoilers have indicated that The Bachelor will end in a proposal for Lauren, and Ben appears headed in exactly that direction. He has already shared "I love you"s with Lauren (though he did the same with JoJo), and appears ready to start his life with her and to move quickly on wedding plans.

In an interview with Extra before Ben whittled it down to Lauren and JoJo, he said that he and his final pick were deeply in love, and that parting during the airing of the show was particularly difficult.

" 'Extra's' Renee Bargh caught up with Ben, who revealed, 'It's really hard. How am I going to say goodbye to a woman I love and also ask another to spend the rest of her life with me?'

"He went on to gush over his fiancée, saying, 'I can't imagine myself without that woman, I can't.'

"Dropping hints about who it might be, he said, 'She's been put through hell and back. She's had to watch me date somebody else and kiss somebody from week one to now.'

"He also told Renee he hopes to get married right away."

There are now growing rumors that Ben Higgins could end up getting married quickly --- with a Bachelor wedding taking place on television.

There are also strong hints that ABC has some big plans for Lauren and Ben. He has already been pegged for Dancing With The Stars, not entirely unusual for a Bachelor contestant --- especially one as popular as Ben --- but it is a strong sign that the network wants Ben and Lauren in the spotlight.

Ben has played a bit coy about joining, but it may be a case of him guarding his decision a bit before the finale airs and he and Lauren can go public.

"I'm not against any opportunity that presents itself," Ben told E! News. "I need to analyze if that option was there to say, OK, is this the best thing for me? I don't know yet, I don't. I don't want to say this is the way I'm going to go with it because I haven't decided."

The Bachelor could also be due for a televised wedding. The show has tried to push many of its happy and successful couples to tie the knot on live television, and for the last three cycles there have been rumors that the winner could be headed to television for their nuptials. This happened even in the case of couples who split up, showing to some insiders that the network is itching to show a happy couple walking down the aisle.

The last televised wedding was in 2014, when Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici walked the aisle in a live ceremony.

Could Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell be the next couple to have a televised wedding? The Bachelor 2016 spoilers could point that way, but first Ben has to make his final pick. The season finale of the show airs on Monday, with Ben expected to pick Lauren and possibly reveal their wedding plans in the live interview that follows.

[Image via ABC]