Admit it guys, women are better at troubleshooting gadget problems than you are

A U.K. tech and gadget help line, appropriately called Gadget Helpline, did a study of 75,000 calls to their service recently and found that there’s a huge gender gap in how men and women approach problems they’re having with their gadgets. Some of the findings of the study are listed below:

1. 64% of male callers, vs. 24% of female callers had not read their instruction manuals before calling the service.

2. 12% of male callers, vs. 7% of female callers had actually forgotten to plug in or turn on their gadgets before calling.

3. Women spent 32% longer on the phone with the help line, but 66% of the staff at the service preferred talking with the women than with men.

Joanna Bawa, chartered psychologist and editor of the Usability News website, told the BBC:

“There is evidence of a gender divide in technology, although a lot of it comes down to interpretation. In general terms men treat technology as something to be understood and conquered while women are more motivated by appliances that benefit them.”

In other words, guys need to RTFM before picking up the phone.

The Gadget Helpline also mentioned that, unsurprisingly, syncing up gadgets to communicate with one another is one of the most common things people call for help with.

I guess the old attitude problem men have on road trips, where even though they have no idea where they’re going they still won’t stop and ask for directions, carries over to their gadgets as well. Not that I’ve ever done that or anything. Really, I haven’t. ;-)

Source: The Beeb.