WWE News: Curt Hawkins’ Losing Streak Moves To New Record Of Losses


The legendary Curt Hawkins losing streak continues as the WWE superstar keeps setting a new record! Hawkins is currently in an epic slump that rivals some of the most famous jobbers in the history of the WWE. While most superstars are upset with a loss blemishing their record these days, Hawkins is also embracing his latest role as part of the company.

Hawkins, who was sent to the WWE Raw roster in the “Superstar Shake-up,” reached a milestone of 100-straight losses back in July of this year. That number has continued to grow. According to Sportskeeda‘s Daniel Wood, WWE superstar Curt Hawkins recently lost several matches against Matt Hardy and then Apollo Crews. These matches were exclusively on the WWE Main Event program. However, they added to his ongoing streak as he now has 137-straight losses, a number that would make most superstars question their job choice.

Not Hawkins, though. He has posted several tweets in which he seems to joke about it, with one of them even quipping that “Streaking ain’t easy.” The WWE also seems to be in on the whole matter, as they even announced Hawkins’ latest loss as his 137th in the legendary streak. Still, the most interesting part of the losing streak is that Hawkins is being kept off television for it. Fans would certainly eat up the concept if it were in front of a bigger audience on either WWE Raw or SmackDown Live.

WWE star Curt Hawkins extends losing streak
WWE star Curt Hawkins has extended his record losing streak while on the WWE Main Event program. [Image by WWE]Featured image credit: WWE

Hawkins sent out another interesting tweet. In this one, he seemed to be reminiscing about the glory days of when he was teamed up with Zack Ryder. The duo of Hawkins & Ryder were tag team champions and a major part of the Rated-R Superstar Edge’s stable for some time. They’ve since parted ways, but Ryder was recently attacked from behind by his more recent tag partner, Mojo Rawley, on SmackDown Live. Could Hawkins be looking to team up with Ryder and brush that streak away?

One would have to think this will be played up as WWE will eventually have him snap the streak. However, one way or the other Curt Hawkins seems to be etching his names into the WWE history books right up there with all of the unfortunate superstars that were eliminated in under 10 second in the Royal Rumble match.

[Featured Image by WWE]