Julia Stiles: ‘Save The Last Dance’ Actress Slammed For Baby’s Name & Babywearing Photo Of 1-Month-Old Son

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Julie Stiles from Save the Last Dance is being slammed by her social media followers for her baby’s name and a recent photo of herself babywearing her 1-month-old son. The 36-year-old actress isn’t well-known for stirring up controversy on social media, aside from posting about her political views on Twitter. However, after she gave birth to her first-born son last month, every social media post since has been met with some negative feedback from her followers.

After a lengthy engagement with current husband Preston J. Cook, Julia Stiles married the 36-year-old camera assistant just this past September, according to E! News. The couple reportedly met on the set of the 2015 thriller film Blackway, starring Stiles as character Lillian, and announced their engagement in January of 2016. Julia Stiles posted a photo of her engagement ring on her personal Instagram account on January 4, 2016, and then shared a photo of her “shotgun wedding,” where she’s visibly pregnant, on September 26, 2017.

Followers of Julia Stiles offered “massive congrats” to the mother-to-be and father-to-be and wanted to know her due date. People shared back in June that Stiles explained how she was “slow on the wedding planning” but that she was due to welcome her first child with Cook “later this year.” Julia Stiles was also slow in getting a birth announcement up on social media, and Fox News announced just three days ago that Stiles and Cook welcomed a baby boy in October — “but she only announced the news on Instagram a month after.”

Just over a week ago, Julia Stiles took to her Instagram account to share a birth announcement of her baby boy, who was born on October 20, 2017. Stiles’ Instagram account, where she goes by @missjuliastiles, also shared the baby’s name, which CafeMom said her followers are calling “ridiculous.” A post on HelloGiggles called the baby name chosen by Julia Stiles and Preston Cook — Strummer Newcomb Cook — a name “fit for a future rock star.” However, Julia Stiles’ Instagram followers slammed the name, saying that they “feel sorry for the boy,” and the name “couldn’t be any dumber.” Julia Stiles herself even admitted to People that “both sets of grandparents don’t like the name.”

Stiles added that the grandparents are “gonna get over it,” and so are her social media followers, according to CafeMom.

Julia Stiles, who’s usually a private person, surprisingly shared another photo of her newborn son on her Instagram account just yesterday, and CafeMom wrote that the newest photo of Stiles with Strummer is being criticized. The photo shows Julia Stiles babywearing Strummer with the caption that she hasn’t “worn a backpack since middle school.” Comments on Instagram are mixed, ranging from praise of the new mom to unwanted parenting advice. One comment says that Julia Stiles is going to be “such a great mom,” while another says that baby Strummer’s legs and feet should be out of the front-facing baby carrier and “free to grow.”

The article on CafeMom notes that the critical comments on Julia Stiles’ latest babywearing photo are “passive-aggressive” and that it’s alright to have “general concern” about Julia Stiles and the safety of baby Strummer but to consider sending a direct message “next time” or not say “anything at all.”