‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers Teases Vegeta’s First Successful Ultra Instinct

Phát HữuFlickr/Public Domain

Vegeta is one of the major Dragon Ball Super characters who has noticeably received minimal airtime in the ongoing Tournament of Power. While Son Goku is slowly mastering Ultra Instinct, the Saiyan Prince has not shown any improvement in his power, and the strongest enemy that he faced was Universe 11’s second fiddle, Toppo. In the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta decided that it’s time for him to learn the technique popular among the gods.

He started by imitating Son Goku’s movements and ended up receiving massive damage from the enemy. As most people think, Ultra Instinct isn’t something Vegeta can achieve easily. Whis explained that even the Gods of Destructions were having a hard time mastering the technique. After Vegeta’s failed UI attempt, there is growing speculation that he won’t have a new transformation or power in the Tournament of Power.

Fortunately, the newest Dragon Ball Super spoilers on Vegeta opposed the ongoing speculation. According to Otakukart, the Saiyan Prince is set to achieve Ultra Instinct like Son Goku. Citing a forum at Reddit, Otakukart believes that the analysis from a trusted source of DBS information is the major evidence that the Saiyan Prince will be having a huge power up. However, as of now, it remains a mystery if it will happen in the Tournament of Power.


Since the tournament started, Dragon Ball Super writer Toshio already hinted that Vegeta will enter the spotlight in the Universal Survival Saga. Otakukart speculated that it will happen in January or February. Based on a previous report, Vegeta will be finally having his first major battle in the Tournament of Power, and there is a strong possibility that his opponent will be Jiren the Grey of Universe 11.


Facing a powerful enemy is the only way for Vegeta to achieve Ultra Instinct since it’s impossible for him to use and absorb the Genki Dama. He was supposed to fight a formidable warrior, Toppo, in the previous episode of Dragon Ball Super, but Kefla of Universe 6 interrupted the battle of the second fiddles. With less than 16 minutes left in the tournament, Vegeta must tremendously improve his power in order to ensure the survival of Universe 7.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan. The anime is available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.