Jenelle Evans Talks A Lot About Kaiser: Is She Trying To Prove She’s A Good Mother After Abuse Claims?

Jenelle Evans has been in the headlines lately despite keeping a low profile on her social media accounts. Jenelle is no stranger to drama, so it may not have been a surprise that she decided to send cease-and-desist letters to her Teen Mom 2 co-stars. She wanted them to stop talking about her, even though they hadn’t said anything about her recently. Evans had previously revealed that she wanted to quit Teen Mom 2 and Twitter to focus on her family and it sounds like she’s doing everything possible to do that. Not only has she been going to cheerleading events on the weekends for David Eason’s daughter, but she has also posted things about her son Kaiser.

Instead of the drama, it sounds like Jenelle wants her followers to know that she is all about her family these days. Other than the cease-and-desist letters, it appears she’s just enjoying life at home in the country. But according to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is choosing to post plenty of content about Kaiser. Maybe she’s trying to prove that she’s a good mother to him, as people have been questioning whether she’s abusing her son. Fans have already seen how David can get aggressive with Kaiser, and people recently questioned whether Jenelle had been aggressive with Kaiser as well.

But it seems like Jenelle Evans wants her fans to know that she’s putting Kaiser first. On Twitter this morning, she revealed that she allows her son to watch The Lion King every morning before he has to go to school. Earlier this month, she also explained that Kaiser always asks for the bible when he wants to read a story, pointing out that she must be doing something right in her home. Ever since she left Twitter behind and threatened to quit Teen Mom 2, Evans hasn’t been so open about what goes on in her home. It’s clear that she wants to prove to everyone around her that she’s a great mother and should get Jace back from the mother, Barbara Evans.

Jenelle Evans may not return for the next season of Teen Mom 2. She has threatened to quit, but she hasn’t announced any plans yet.

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