Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton Feud: There Is Still Bad Blood Between Exes

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Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton appeared to have moved on from each other, but it seems that there is still hatred in their hearts. When the Pistol Annies member and her boyfriend Anderson East slammed Garth Brooks for lip-syncing at the CMA Awards, her ex-husband surprisingly defended his idol.

Blake tweeted his support for Brooks just a few hours after Miranda and Anderson criticized the Country Music Hall of Famer on Instagram. Their opposing point of views may be a sign that a new feud between the former husband and wife has started. It’s been more than two years since the power couple filed for a divorce and until now all they did was to allegedly sing about revenge songs, do public digs and trash talk each other to their pals.

A source revealed to Life & Style that there is still a lot bad blood and unresolved anger between Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton. No one allegedly thinks that they will be able to move on and put their issues behind them. Another source claimed that a whole new era of warfare is starting for the exes. Shelton reportedly isn’t the kind of guy who would trash-talk people, but he couldn’t say anything nice about Lambert when the topic comes up around his friends.

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Blake reportedly felt that Miranda cheated on him and he has never gotten over it and probably never will. The “God Gave Me You” hitmaker may have appeared to be the one who betrayed the blonde country singer when he admitted his relationship with Gwen Stefani just a few months after their split. However, “The Vice” singer may have just confirmed that she had an affair with Anderson East when she revealed their anniversary date.

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Miranda only revealed her relationship with the 29-year-old musician during the 2015 holidays when she shared a photo snuggling with him. However, her romance with Anderson started way earlier and it may have even begun before she got divorced from Blake. Lambert got divorced on July 20, 2015, and East officially became her boyfriend in less than two months. This could mean that the two have started dating while she was still married.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton both claimed that they are happy with their respective partners Anderson East and Gwen Stefani, but they still seem bitter about their divorce. Until now, many fans are still wondering what really caused their split and who cheated on whom. It may probably still take more time before their feud ends.