LeAnn Rimes Bikini Photos Allegedly Staged

LeAnn Rimes bikini photos and other charming scenes with her husband and his children are allegedly staged. The singer supposedly has a “deal” with photographers to take the photos which showcase her happy life.

A staggering number of Rimes photos depict her in various bikinis and in the warm embrace of her husband Eddie Cibrian. If a Radar Online source claims are accurate, many of the 30-year-old singer’s photos are not spontaneous snaps by the paparazzi but arranged in advance. The celebrity website source also claims that Rimes and several photographers have been engaged in the photo taking deal for many years.

The source had this to say about photos of LeAnn Rimes:

“LeAnn wants good pictures out there. She wants to look good and she wants people to see how she looks happy with Eddie, that’s why she does that.”

LeAnn allegedly tips off photographers about her location when she is on vacation in Cabo San Lucas and when she is dining out at restaurants with Cibrian. To back up claims about a deal between LeAnn Rimes and the paparazzi, the source alleges that the snaps of the singer “almost always” show the star in a flattering light.

A lengthy series of photos of Rimes and Cibrian on vacation in Cabo San Lucas published by the Daily Mail show the couple sharing smiles, warm embraces, and enjoying water sports. Rimes is shown in multiple tiny bikinis, always with a big smile on her face. Even if the photos of Eddie Cibrian are not spontaneous like the source claims, many woman likely still enjoy seeing the television star shirtless in the sunshine.