Michael Moore’s New Year’s Resolution: Stop Saying ‘I Support The Troops’

Michael Moore’s News Year’s resolutions might be expected to make a political statement, but this year he’s managed to come with one that will raise many eyebrows. Like many Americans, Michael Moore has created a list of his top 10 New Year’s resolutions. Not surprisingly, several of the items focus on losing weight by drinking more water and continuing to walk 30 minutes everyday. Although it seems his list contradicts itself, since his first two items start off with focusing on dinner. But, hey, when did we start expecting consistency from Michael Moore?

The rest of Michael Moore’s list is pure politics. In his Huffington Post article, Michael Moore starts off innocently enough by mocking the NRA and gun lovers everywhere:

“Buy a gun. Stroke it. Squeeze it. Hold it. Love it. Shoot it! Ahhhh… Buy more guns… Stroke them…

But the next New Year’s resolution is where Michael Moore has found himself in hot water with the public:

“Stop saying, ‘I support the troops.’ I don’t. I used to. I understand why so many enlisted after 9/11. Sadly, many of them were then trapped and sent off to invade Iraq. I felt for all of them. I understood those who joined because of a lousy economy. But at some point all individuals must answer for their actions, and now that we know our military leaders do things that have nothing to do with defending our lives, why would anyone sign up for this rogue organization?”

This of course resulted in Fox News labeling their article on the subject with the word “outrageous” in the title. Perhaps Michael Moore realize how insulting this was to the vast majority of Americans, so he decided to make his next item in the list a caveat:

“Apologize for No. 4. I have enormous respect for anyone who would offer to sacrifice their life to defend my right to live. Is there any greater gift one can give another? It’s not the troops’ fault they’re sent to invade other countries for dubious reasons and outright lies. It’s OUR responsibility to prevent this, to elect representatives who believe in peace, and to only put our troops in harm’s way when it’s absolutely necessary. My uncle was killed in World War II. Today would have been his 90th birthday. My dad still misses him. Our family has served this country in the military since the Revolutionary War. None of them watch Fox News.”

What do you think about Michael Moore’s new years resolution?