‘Hawaii Five-0’ Teasing On Show’s End: McGarrett Retires As Alex O’Loughlin Discusses CBS Drama’s Future

Lisa Maree WilliamsGetty Images

Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 was believed to be a crucial point for the CBS procedural, as lead star Alex O’Loughlin previously expressed his intent to leave the show. While nothing remains certain as of writing, a new teaser photo shows the future of the H50 team once McGarrett retires. Is the show hinting at its end?

Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 remains as one of the most watched dramas on CBS despite the recent controversy involving two of the show’s main cast. In the world of TV shows, however, it has become a reality that ratings alone do not determine a show’s longevity and some dramas (even good ones) must come to an end.

In the case of Hawaii Five-0, there has been quite a lot of controversy that the show may soon be reaching its end. There were initial talks that lead actor Alex O’Loughlin was planning to leave the show after Season 8, but the actor’s recent statements proved otherwise.

However, talks surrounding the nearing cancellation of Hawaii Five-0 have been strengthened following the release of two new teaser photos for the show’s upcoming holiday episode. Spoilers from Entertainment Weekly tease that the upcoming episode will show the future of the H50 team.

According to the outlet, the upcoming Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 episode will see Danny go through a life and death situation, which will provoke him to have hallucinations. Danny will see himself grow old together with McGarrett, as the teaser photo shows an older version of McDanno sitting by the beach and arguing. The episode will also reveal who will take over McGarrett’s position on the team once he retires.

This raised a lot of concern among fans, as the story seems to be an overshadowing of the show’s possible end on TV. There have been previous talks that the CBS series was ending, especially after O’Loughlin expressed his desire to leave the show.

However, some fans thought that others should not give any other meaning to the Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 episode and should instead enjoy what takes place in the episode. After all, O’Loughlin recently spoke to ET Canada and said that the changes that took place on the show brought something new to the table.

O’Loughlin said that being on Hawaii Five-0 was a “pleasure” for him and he had a very humbling experience starring on the show for eight years. He also shared that he hopes to have former U.S. President Barack Obama guest-star on the show.