Mariah Carey: Financial Problems Over Bryan Tanaka’s Spending Habits After Canceling Christmas Concert Dates

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Mariah Carey’s spending habits are out of control and it’s all said to be because of her boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka.

The couple has been dating for well over a year now, but just recently, things started to change in the singer’s household following the firing of her manager, Stella Bulochnikov.

It’s alleged by Life & Style that Tanaka took over the responsibilities as Mariah Carey’s manager, and that’s despite the fact that he has absolutely no training or experience in handling the career of iconic stars such as the diva herself.

Aside from allegedly making a huge sum of money every single week, Bryan is reportedly splashing tens of thousands on Christmas gifts from Mariah Carey’s pockets, to the point where it’s beginning to worry the people around the singer.

Bryan is clueless when it comes to money and often doesn’t even know what he’s buying when he makes the purchase for a costly item, the outlet continues to stress, meaning that Mariah Carey’s bank account is in jeopardy.

The insider goes on to say that the money Bryan is helping himself to is really starting to become something that Mariah Carey needs to take better care of, but from how things have been going, it doesn’t seem as if she’s all that bothered by what’s going on around her.

It’s long been reported that Bryan has allegedly been helping himself to Mariah Carey’s millions, and with the rumor being that the “Heartbreaker” singer is now splashing tends of thousands to have her beau take on the position as her manager, it’s bound to affect her career drastically.

Stella, Mariah Carey’s former manager, was said to have been fired over her differences she shared with Bryan Tanaka — the two simply didn’t get along, resulting in Bulochnikov to eventually be fired from her position.

Prior to leaving, Stella had inked multiple deals for Mariah Carey, including an extension to return to her Las Vegas residency next year with a deal that stands in the eight-figure ballpark, sources reveal.

Mariah Carey has yet to address rumors concerning her relationship to Bryan and how it’s supposedly affecting her financially.