MLB Trade Rumors: Boston Red Sox In Active Trade Talks For Jose Abreu

Maddie MeyerGetty Images

There are several MLB trade rumors involving the Boston Red Sox and their pursuit of a slugger. One of the latest of MLB trade rumors links the Boston Red Sox to Chicago White Sox first baseman Jose Abreu.

The Red Sox and White Sox made a blockbuster MLB trade last offseason (courtesy of ESPN) when Chris Sale was dealt to Boston for some of the Red Sox top prospects. Could the Red Sox and White Sox find another trade suitable for the directions each franchise is headed in?

The power hitting outage is one of the factors that doomed the Red Sox in the MLB playoffs. To solve their problem, the Red Sox have had several names rumored to pique their interests. Jose Abreu’s name is the next one mentioned with the Red Sox possibly involved.

Longtime baseball insider Jon Heyman is reporting that the Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox are engaged in active talks (courtesy of Yahoo Sports) for Jose Abreu. Heyman did not mention if the Red Sox and White Sox were close to consummating a trade.

MLB trades have the tendency to run hot or cold. Could this one between the Red Sox and White Sox heat up? There are several reasons to believe the MLB trade rumors regarding the Red Sox and White Sox have some validity to them.

Jose Abreu meets the criteria the Boston Red Sox seek in a slugger. Plus, he has a reasonable contract.Featured image credit: David BanksGetty Images

The Chris Sale trade between the Red Sox and White Sox opened the door for the possibility of future trade discussions. Given the present situations for both teams — the Red Sox want to compete for a World Series, while the White Sox are rebuilding — there is the potential of a match.

The biggest hole the Boston Red Sox have is power hitting. Jose Abreu has played in the majors for four seasons, all with the White Sox. He has 31 home runs per season over his career.


Unlike most power hitters, Jose Abreu also hits for average. He has a career batting average of.301. Jose Abreu’s 410 RBI proves that he is a strong run producer. Because of these tools, Abreu is a perfect fit for the type of slugger that the Boston Red Sox have been linked to in MLB trade rumors.

Another potential selling point for the Red Sox to seek out a trade for the White Sox’s Jose Abreu is that the first baseman has a reasonable MLB contract. According to Spotrac, Abreu will not be able to test MLB free agency until 2020. However, he is arbitration eligible for the next two seasons.


If the MLB trade rumors are accurate, the Boston Red Sox will have to produce a strong offer for the Chicago White Sox to part with Abreu. The White Sox first baseman hails from Cuba, the same as his fellow teammate Yoan Moncada, who came to the White Sox in the Chris Sale trade.

The White Sox value Abreu not only for his production on the field, but also for being a mentor to Moncada and the other players with Cuban ties. Because they are rebuilding, the White Sox have to determine if Abreu can maintain his play and be a future fixture when they are competitive. If the White Sox do not see him in that light, and can get a good amount of prospects from the Red Sox, an MLB trade could be on the horizon.

In an Instagram post, Yoan Moncada stated in Spanish that he wants to continue having Jose Abreu as his White Sox teammate.

Jose Abreu’s impact as a leader on the clubhouse for the Chicago White Sox also appeals to the Boston Red Sox. It is one of the remaining reasons why the MLB trade rumors involving the Red Sox and White Sox have picked up steam considerably.

One of the MLB trade rumors that is unlikely to come to fruition is the Red Sox including outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. in the Jose Abreu trade talks. The White Sox are rumored to have interest in a trade for Bradley Jr., according to WEEI. The MLB trade rumors regarding this possible deal between the Red Sox and White Sox quieted down quickly.

No MLB team has done as much as blink when it come to making moves. During that time, MLB trade rumors have linked the Boston Red Sox to Giancarlo Stanton, J.D. Martinez, Carlos Santana, and now Jose Abreu. The Red Sox may make the first domino fall.