Larry Caputo Goes To Twitter After Theresa Brings Up Issues On ‘Long Island Medium’

Andy KropaAP Images

Larry and Theresa Caputo seem to be having some issues with their marriage. Theresa has been talking about it on this season of Long Island Medium, but she hasn’t been sharing exactly what is going on besides she and Larry are drifting apart. Extra shared that now Larry is going to Twitter, but he still isn’t saying much about what is going on with them.

This season, Larry has been on the show, but not at all the last few weeks. He was on earlier this season and was seen supporting Theresa when she did a workout and a competition. Theresa had dinner with a friend and talked about how her marriage isn’t perfect. On the preview for next week’s finale, it sounds like Theresa is going to share a few more details.

Now, Larry is going to his Twitter and retweeting what several fans have to say, but he isn’t actually saying anything. A couple of the ones that he retweeted are simply about fans loving him and missing him being on the show right now. He also retweeted one talking about his relationship and how they wish Larry and Theresa the best. The fans can’t imagine the show without Larry, but this season, it has been that way most of the time, which they aren’t used to seeing.

The fans are hoping to hear that Larry and Theresa Caputo are doing fine. So far, this is all that Larry has really had to say about it. Theresa hasn’t had anything to say except for what she is revealing on the show. Next week looks like the time that closure will finally come for fans and they will get answers about what is going on.

Next Monday night will be the big season finale of Long Island Medium. The fans can only hope that Theresa will actually end up sharing whether they are still together or not. So far, there is no news on whether the show will be back for another season on TLC. It wouldn’t be surprising if they are already filming, but TLC doesn’t usually reveal what is going on until it is time for the new season to air.