Sweat-Stained Christmas Image On Sweat Shirt: New ‘Ugly Sweater Sweater’ Trends Online

Sweat-stained apparel is not very appealing under almost any circumstance, but a new trend in ugly Christmas sweaters have found a way to make sweat-stained apparel appealing for the holidays. A company called the Ugly Sweater Sweater is selling these gray and rather ordinary sweatshirts online with what looks like a sweat-stained Christmas image on the front of the shirt.

They offered several different images, like a tree, a snowman, and a gingerbread man, but not one of them have any color; they look as if you sweated the image out onto your shirt. Or at least it is supposed to look that way.

“The Sappy Tree” and “The Gingerbro” were originally $50 a pop, but they are marked down to $39.95 today, as the Facebook post indicates. Maybe the markdown indicates the owners of the company are in the Christmas spirit or it could be possible they are not selling as well as they expected? You can check out some of the Ugly Sweater Sweaters below in the Facebook post. You have to admit, it is original and you can walk around with that sweat-stain look still smelling like a rose.

The Facebook page for the Ugly Sweater Sweater has models demonstrating what the shirts look like while wearing them. Not only do you look as if you sweated out a Christmas image, but they’ve added the fake sweat look under the arms as well, it looks more authentic this way.

When you think about the money spent on products to ward off those unwanted sweat stains, it is so ironic to see a fake sweat-stained shirt that people are actually selling.

According to Mashable, “perspiration is now festive thanks to the sweat-inspired Christmas sweater.” Ugly Christmas sweaters have become a trend over the past decade or so, and people even hold ugly Christmas sweater parties.

Eric Drommerhausen and Kevin Knutson of LGHTR (lghtr.co), Garrick Willhite of Object (object.design) and Scott Dahl of Periscope got together to offer up the “first-ever Christmas product inspired by people who may perspire a bit more than others,” reports Mashable.

The trio once worked together at Periscope and the holiday-themed sweat-stained sweaters were born out of the idea of creating the “ultimate ugly sweater.” The target buyer is that person who wants to stand out at an ugly sweater event around the holidays.

Their hope is to not only continue to sell this product online but get them into stores like Neiman Marcus and Barney’s. They are now working on new items of apparel to add to their line, like sweat-soaked sweatpants, so far the results have been “horrific,” but “in a good way,” they add. First technology was born to rid the sweat stain in the form of under-arm deodorant and antiperspirants, now technology arrives to put it back without the unwanted side effects. You may look sweaty, but you are nice and dry and not stinky.