ESPN’s Heather Cox Interview Fail: Are You Kidding Me? [Video]

ESPN’s Heather Cox couldn’t get David Shaw to slow down for two seconds during Stanford’s Rose Bowl victory celebration.

The ESPN reporter tracked down the winning coach, who was surrounded by players, cameras, and confetti, and tried to ask him a few questions about the victory. Shaw, however, wasn’t very interested in talking.

The Stanford coach brushes off Cox’s first question before briefly stopping for an interview. After a giving Cox a short answer, Shaw walks away to continue his celebration as the ESPN reporter can be heard mumbling: “Are you kidding me?”

The camera cuts away from the reporter as ESPN’s Brent Musburger tries to explain how communication works.

Musburger says: That’s a little unfortunate since the winning coach was supposed to do an interview. But you know, communication fails from time to time and sometimes.”

Deadspin reports that Shaw did eventually give ESPN a full interview.

The winning coach may have been obligated to give ESPN an interview after the game, but Cox could have been a little more aggressive. Maybe the reporter should take a look at some Holly Rowe highlights before she steps onto the field next time.

Here’s the video of Heather Cox’s attempted interview after the Rose Bowl.