Kenya Moore Says She's Specifically Keeping Her Husband Away From Kim Zolciak

Kenya Moore has been very protective of her husband, Marc Daly. When she started filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she didn't include him in any footage she was producing for Bravo. In addition, she didn't even share his name with anyone. She told them that she could call him baby. While she thought it was funny at first, Kenya was serious about protecting his identity. While she later revealed his name, she is serious about protecting him. After Sunday's episode of the show, Kenya reveals that she wants to protect him from evil people, and she even gives an example.

According to a new Instagram post, Kenya Moore is now revealing that she wants to protect her husband from people like Kim Zolciak. During Sunday's episode of the show, Kenya revealed that she didn't want to discuss things with Kim. Zolciak revealed that Kenya had married a fan and hinted that the marriage was fake. Fans of the show loved that she didn't hold back, but the comments seemed unnecessary. She has everything she's ever wanted, and it seemed like she couldn't be happy for her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star. As Kenya pointed out, she felt that Kim was just an evil person who had a hard time being happy for others.

Many are assuming that Kenya Moore may have faked her marriage for the sake of ratings. Since both NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak announced their returns to the show this year, many felt that Kenya may have gotten married to keep her storyline interesting. But Moore has revealed that this isn't the case, and it sounds like this is far from the situation, as she doesn't even film with him on the show. She wants to protect him from the drama, including Kim Zolciak. The fight got heated during Sunday's episode, and the drama will continue next week.

Kenya Moore will probably be back for The Real Housewives of Atlanta as long as Bravo wants her back. She has proven that she can separate her private life with her husband and the fame from the reality television show.

[Featured Image by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images]