Brie Bella Makes Plans To Donate Her Breast Milk

Brie Bella of Total Bellas and Total Divas has decided to do something that is very non-traditional, but also shows what a great person she really is with this new choice. People shared the news that Brie has decided that she is going to donate her breast milk since she is producing so much extra.

On tonight’s Total Divas, fans will see Brie visit a local hospital’s NICU, and this is when she realizes that she can do something to help. She can feed her daughter, Birdie Joe, just fine, but a lot of other mothers can’t do that and need assistance with breast milk for their children.

Brie met the parents of twin boys, Pablo and Hector, and they are accepting donations for their sons while they are in the NICU and will be there up until they are about 6- or 8-weeks-old. This means that they need people to donate, and Brie is realizing that this is something she can do that is totally free but will be a huge help to these parents. The mom is trying to pump, but she is only getting a tiny bit of milk when she does it.

Brie Bella actually does have extra milk, and she said that for now, it is just in the freezer, so she is going to end up donating it. Brie is a twin, and this one really touched her heart. She has made the big choice to start donating breast milk and helping out as many babies as she can. So far, Brie and her husband, Daniel Bryan, only have one daughter. Birdie was born back in May. This episode of Total Divas was filmed a while back, so that means that Brie has probably been donating milk for a long time already.

This is a great decision that Brie Bella has made, and she may end up doing it as long as she can. A lot of moms end up breastfeeding until their child is 1 or older, so Brie may still be able to do this for a while longer.

Brie Bella made a great decision with the choice to donate her breast milk. Hopefully, it will all play out in this season of Total Divas.

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