WWE Legend Bill Goldberg Is Heading To Season 4 Of 'The Flash'

Since the Arrow-verse first arrived on The CW, there have been plenty of guest stars who have joined the different series, such as Arrow and The Flash, whether as heroes or villains. When it comes to villains, bringing in an actor who is big and buff has been a great way to show that these bad guys mean business. For The Flash, nothing says big and buff like bringing in a legend of the WWE.

According to Cinema Blend, the fourth season of The Flash has decided to bring in Bill Goldberg as a temporary addition to the cast roster. While the news did not come straight from The CW or the show itself, it was confirmed by Goldberg himself in answer to a fan's tweet.

A fan of Bill Goldberg posted a tweet that showed a fun fact about The Flash featuring a picture of the WWE star alongside Grant Gustin, who is the Flash. In the post on Instagram, it states that the WWE star will be making an appearance on an upcoming episode of the series. The tweet from the fan says that if this information is true then they think this is "awesome" as they proceeded to tag other WWE stars who have made previous guest appearances on both The Flash and Arrow. Since Goldberg was one of the people tagged in the tweet, he responded to the fan by confirming that he will in fact be joining the cast of The Flash.

While Bill Goldberg will not be a permanent fixture of the series, according to his tweet, the WWE star will be appearing in more than one episode. Goldberg tweeted, "2 episodes for my boy! #imnext," which is a play on his signature catchphrase of, "who's next," which he used following a massive undefeated streak in pro wrestling from 20 years ago. Although there is currently no news about what role Goldberg will be taking on when he joins the cast as a guest star, at least his fans know he will be sticking around for more than a single episode.
Besides knowing that The Flash will be bringing Bill Goldberg on during the fourth season, there is not much else available at this time. Audiences can expect to see the WWE star appear on the show some time in 2018, after The Flash returns to The CW from its winter hiatus.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]