No ‘Star Wars’ For Wes Anderson: Director Jokes He’d ‘Get Replaced’ [Video]

Who will direct Disney’s upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII? It’s more of a process of elimination at current, with many directors on the rumor mill disavowing the gig before it is even officially offered to them. Case in point: Indie director Wes Anderson said recently that he doesn’t think he’d be a good fit for continuing the series.

“Well, I have a feeling I would probably ultimately get replaced on the film because I don’t know if I have all the right action chops,” Anderson told Mike Fleming from Deadline. “But at least I know the characters from the old films.”

Anderson did suggest that he could do a short film based on Han Solo’s youth and origins. “I could do that pretty well,” he joked.

This joke references a Conan O’Brien skit which spoofed a potential Anderson Star Wars film back in November. The skit was played as an “audition reel” for the director’s spot on Star Wars: Episode VII and featured a Han Solo story with the title character played by an actor spoofing Owen Wilson.

The director currently in the lead for Star Wars: Episode VII is Matthew Vaughn, though nothing is official yet, reports The Huffington Post.

Another interesting bit from the interview involved how Anderson convinces Bill Murray to work with him time and time again:

“I love the guy, so I came to him as a huge fan. I am indebted to him so much. I feel it’s just been a stroke of luck for me to have him in these movies because I do feel like he’s perfectly suited to them. Bill, Jason Schwartzman and Owen Wilson, these guys are kind of my bread and butter.”

Here’s the Conan O’Brien spoof skit imagining Wes Anderson’s Star Wars: Episode VII: