Jimmy Fallon And Wife Nancy Juvonen ‘Living Separate Lives’: Are They Headed For A Divorce?

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The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and wife Nancy Juvonen have been plagued by countless divorce rumors in the past. While the couple are still going strong despite the never-ending allegations surrounding their marriage, a new report claims that the 43-year-old talk show host is living a separate life from his wife of 10 years.

Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen divorce rumors are once again heating up online, as a new report from In Touch suggests that the couple have been spending less time together. An insider told the publication that both Fallon and Juvonen are pretty much “living separate lives.”

The insider explained that Fallon spends most of his time in New York while his wife and their two kids – Winnie and Frances, are living in the Hamptons. While the popular talk show host usually visits his wife and two kids during the weekends, many have started speculating that the divorce rumors surrounding Fallon and Juvonen are true and that the couple are growing apart.

Fallon is reportedly busy most of the week filming The Tonight Show and drinking with the show’s crew afterwards. The insider noted that Juvonen is not a party person, so she does not want to join Fallon and the show’s staff.

Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen at the 2013 Time Awards
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As most fans can recall, Fallon and Juvonen have been involved in countless divorce rumors in the past. Per Mail Online, rumors surrounding the couple’s marriage began after an earlier report suggested that Fallon has been drinking too much and this is starting to affect his marriage.

When Fallon was treated for an injury on his finger, several reports claimed that there was more to his injury than meets the eye. There have been allegations that Fallon was cheating on Juvonen with another lady, which prompted the said injury, but Fallon and his wife continuously manage to prove that the reports were nothing but rumors and even made a joke out of the said incident.

The publication notes that Fallon and Juvonen slammed divorce rumors while attending the 74th Golden Globe Awards earlier this year. The couple posed happily next to each other, holding hands as they walked the red carpet, which was taken as the couple’s silent response to the never-ending divorce rumors plaguing their marriage.