2009 MLB season in review: Florida Marlins

Finally the Florida Marlins started playing like a team that was getting a new stadium, without doubt someone in the front office said hey we are getting public monies to build a new home it is time to start playing like it. While the 2009 Marlins were not the best baseball team, they took a big step towards looking like the two time World Series champions that they are. However, when it counted, and a wild card spot was on the line, this team could not beat the bums. This team lost six of their final nine to the Washington Nationals. In the end they tried to tweak their offense, and they had a winning season, something upon which their future can be built.

Their final record was 87-75, and that was good enough for second in the NL east. They did finish 6 games behind division champion by six games, but this team spent 31 days in first place. In late April they had even built up a 5 game lead. However, after an early summer 8-24 span and a collapse near the end of the seasons they were as many as 9.5 games back.

Two of their starting nine were able to bat over .300 for the year and their offense was able to score 772 runs. As a unit they recorded 1,493 hits second most in the NL, and hit 159 home runs. They did strike out 1,226 times and were able to work 568 walks. The real problem on this team was the pitching staff. While they featured two pitchers with more than ten victories their staff ERA was 4.32 and they gave up 766 runs. This staff recorded 1,248 strike outs compared to 601 walks issued.

In all 1,464,109 fans game to Dolphin Stadium to see the Marlins play. For their 78 home games they averaged 30,385 and that ranked 29th of the 30 MLB teams. For the 2009 season they were able to sell 51.7% of their ticket inventory and they will have to do better than that in their new stadium.