WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns Challenged By Finn Balor And Other Superstars For Intercontinental Title

After winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship last week on Raw, Roman Reigns is starting to receive possible opponents for his open challenge. Reigns let it be known that he’ll be a fighting champion, unlike the previous title holder The Miz, and allow different opponents to challenge him for the title. Due to that, he’s already had several challengers step forward, at least on social media. Here’s the latest on which superstars could be in line for an Intercontinental title match with Roman Reigns.

In a similar fashion to the United States Championship open challenges that John Cena and AJ Styles both held, Roman Reigns will be doing the same with the Intercontinental title. According to Sportskeeda’s Simon Cotton, “The Demon” Finn Balor was among the first challengers to come forward. Balor did so by replying to a photo that Reigns tweeted of himself holding up the WWE Intercontinental Championship belt he’d just won from The Miz. He mentioned in the caption, “Wherever I am, consider it My Yard. So if you want my title…..all you have to do is step up.” That set things off for the rest of the WWE roster including Balor who said he’ll step up and also quipped about not being “over” enough in his Twitter reply.

Finn Balor has yet to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship, but he has won the WWE Universal Championship. That’s a title that Reigns has yet to add to his resume. Balor held the belt for just a day or so after becoming injured during the title match with Seth Rollins at SummerSlam last year. For Balor, it would begin his move towards something Reigns has already achieved: becoming a WWE “Grand Slam” winner of a major title, tag team titles, and now a secondary title with the IC belt.

Beyond Finn Balor, a few other superstars have seemed to put their name out there for a shot at the belt. One of them is another guy who has held some championship gold, but never the Intercontinental title. Kurt Angle’s long-lost illegitimate son Jason Jordan posted a video on Twitter in which he accepted the challenge. It seems he may be a bit behind Finn Balor’s request, though, so Jordan would be second in line.

A third superstar is featured in a WWE video discussing the Intercontinental Championship open challenge situation. Cruiserweight star Rich Swann is seen and heard asking if superstars from his division on the 205 Live are eligible to compete. It’s likely that Reigns is accepting any and all challengers as Rich Swann certainly brings the experience factor with him of having held the WWE Cruiserweight Championship for a reign.

With that said, Monday’s WWE Raw episode should be an interesting one. If both Finn Balor and Jason Jordan end up trying to challenge Roman Reigns, will the Raw General Manager Kurt Angle show favoritism to his son again, or will the first man to have spoken up on social media get the title shot? WWE’s Raw arrives at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on the USA Network Monday evening.

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