Cyber Monday 2017: The Best Flight Deals On Airline Tickets This Year

Black Friday 2017 has come and gone with more money being spent by shoppers than ever before, but it is only the beginning of the holiday season. With Christmas less than a month away, everyone is going to have preparations kicked into high gear and that includes traveling around the country and the world to visit loved ones. That’s why you need to check on the best flight deals on travel and tickets available on Cyber Monday.

While Black Friday has a lot more people shopping online these days, Cyber Monday is all about everyone staying home to get the best deals on the Internet. Some may have already started and others will last into the middle of the upcoming week, but you don’t want to delay and miss out on seats either.

One thing that many have to remember is that most flight deals don’t come without some sort of a catch. Usually, your dates will need to be overly flexible or you may not be able to select your seat or the time may not be the greatest, but you can still get a ticket for real cheap.

Make sure you read all of the fine print before finalizing your purchase but act fast before you miss out.


According to The Points Guy, there are a number of routes available for a promotion that has some mileage tickets starting at 5,500 SkyMiles one-way with a required round-trip purchase. Again, things are rather limited as to where you can go on these deals, but they’re well worth it if you fall into them.

Air China

You have to book by Monday, Nov. 27, but Air China’s deal for 15 percent off of round-trip fares is really a huge deal. There are some blackout dates, but not nearly as many as you would expect for such discounted fares.

Southwest Airlines

There are some truly great deals to be had from Southwest as they are currently offering up to $250 savings on flight and hotel packages. You must book by Dec. 4, but you have time to travel as you don’t have to until Aug. 6, 2018.

On U.S. destinations, you will use promo code SAVE125 for $125 in savings and you can save $250 with promo code SAVE250 for international destinations.

Allegiant Air

$34 for a one-way ticket from Cincinnati to Raleigh? $47 to fly from Orlando to Austin? Those are just some of the great flight deals available from Allegiant Airlines, but there are a lot more.

Alaska Airlines

Over on the official website of Alaska Airlines, there are a number of great flights with specific routes which are priced as low as $44 for one-way. You have to purchase by Nov. 29, but again, if one of these flights is where you’re heading, you will save some serious cash thanks to Cyber Monday.

Frontier Airlines

Much in the same way as others, you’re going to want to look at the different routes that Frontier has available at low rates for Cyber Monday. On their Cyber Monkey page, you can actually find some rates as low as just $20 for a one-way flight.

Sure, there are some baggage fees and such, but you still make out great overall.

Black Friday may bring in some of the best bargains on clothing and electronics and home goods, but Cyber Monday is what you want for flight deals. You may have to do a bit of wheeling, dealing, and moving things around, but you can find great travel sales just by spending the time to look for them. Whether on Spirit or Allegiant or Delta, do your research and see what is there for you to do a bit of cheap traveling in the coming year.

[Featured Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]