Major Update Regarding Paige’s WWE Future Revealed

After months of speculation and rumors, Paige made her return to Monday Night Raw last week alongside Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville to form a new trio in the Women’s division. Only twenty-four hours later, a second trio consisting of Ruby Riot, Sarah Logan, and Liv Morgan had a similar debut on SmackDown Live as well. The WWE Universe was shocked to see Paige’s WWE return and five new women debut from NXT.

It’s been reported that WWE officials wanted to bring several new women to the main roster because there was a feeling that the roster could use some new talent, but it may also lead to bigger things for the division in the future. However, a lot of people are curious how WWE officials intend to manage five new women on the main roster and Paige’s return, who is expected to be a major player on WWE television going forward.

It’s being reported that Paige may be revealed as the mastermind behind the trio on Raw and SmackDown Live down the line. The expectation is that WWE officials brought up a handful of women along with Paige to generate the most buzz about their debuts. However, it could be revealed that Paige is the one to plan the “invasion.” The only question is how the powers that be want to book the angle over the coming months.

Paige Returned to Monday Night Raw With 2 Callups From NXT
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On paper, Ruby Riot, Sarah Logan, and Liv Morgan have the chance to identify their trio as something new on SmackDown Live because they aren’t directly involved with Paige. In the future, there could be a rivalry between the two trios for a big PPV. However, the two trios happening back to back clearly shows that there would be only one mastermind. It could be revealed to be Paige soon, but there are options for this angle.

On Raw, the expectation is Paige will be receiving a major push into the Women’s Title picture. Mandy and Sonya will likely act as heaters and put themselves over by association with Paige over the coming weeks. A lot of people thought she would return as a singles star, but adding an interesting angle with new talent has made her WWE return more interesting. In the short term, Paige is expected to do bigger things very soon.

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