‘Outlander’ Season 3 Is About To Go Dark, A Villain Is Back And Could Break Up Jamie And Claire Again

Dark days are ahead for Outlander. Although Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) finally reunited after twenty years apart, the couple will face a lot of different challenges on their way to America. While things will eventually get better, the remainder of Season 3 isn’t going to be easy. In fact, things are about to get pretty dark.

Claire And Jamie’s Second Reunion

We last saw Claire stranded on an island after her attempt to keep Jamie out of prison. We don’t know for sure what will unfold in the final three episodes, but Diana Gabaldon’s books give us a pretty good glimpse at what’s ahead.

According to PopSugar, the couple will eventually reunite a second time and resume their quest to save Ian. When they reach Jamaica — with Fergus and Marsali in tow — the pair is invited to a governor’s ball hosted by Lord John Grey. At the ball, Claire learns everything she needs to know about Lord John, including his true feelings for her husband. She also discovers that he raised Jamie’s boy, whom she didn’t know existed.

Geillis Duncan’s Return

Things will start to get darker after the governor’s ball. In the books, PopSugar reports that Geillis Duncan is reintroduced as a successful plantation owner in Jamaica. Duncan married the plantation’s original owner Barnabas Abernathy — the same person whose remains were brought to Joe Abernathy two centuries later.

She took over management after murdering Abernathy and uses the plantation to kidnap and rape young virgin boys. Duncan apparently uses the young men as a ritual sacrifice for magic. Unfortunately, Ian is being held captive at the plantation, which sets up a major confrontation between Jamie, Claire, and Duncan.

Jamie and Claire set sail for America

After rescuing Ian from certain death, Jamie and Claire take to the open sea for Eleuthera. The plan is to meet up with Fergus and Marsali at the Dutch-owned colony, but a hurricane throws a huge wrench in their plans.

The storm pushes Jamie and Claire off course, and the couple finds themselves at an English colony named Georgia. This is the last event in Gabaldon’s third book, though it isn’t clear if the show will follow the same route.

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