'General Hospital' Spoilers, Next 2 Weeks: Sam Stands by BM Jason After Shock Reveal, Jealousy Spells Disaster

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the weeks of November 27 and December 4 state that Sam (Kelly Monaco) is faced with a dilemma after Dr. Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) reveals that Patient 6 (Steve Burton) is the real Jason Morgan and that her current husband is Drew. She is faced with the challenge of making a choice between staying with Jason (Billy Miller) and abandoning him for Patient 6, the man she originally married, according to spoilers from SheKnows Soaps. Although she is committed to her current husband, Sam knows she cannot ignore or deny the fact that Patient 6 is the real Jason Morgan and thus historically her true husband.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 4, from TV Source Magazine, state that although Sam is shocked by Andre's reveal, she is quick to adjust. Now that she knows which twin is Jason and which is Drew, Sam makes a decision about her future and makes her intentions clear to everyone.

Fans will recall that Sam and Jason (Billy Miller) had been planning to start a new life and to cut ties with the mob boss Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and his wife, Carly (Laura Wright). The couple made the decision after Jason (Billy Miller) suffered a nearly fatal gunshot injury during a mob altercation when Sonny made a botched attempt to quit mob life. Jason (Billy Miller) nearly lost his life in the incident after he was shot in the chest. The incident left Sam deeply shaken and she became convinced that her longstanding fears that Sonny's mob links imperiled her family were justified.

Jason eventually recovered after Sam had taken a decision to commit him to a long-term care facility. Following his recovery, Sam was able to convince Jason that the only way to secure their family life was to start a new life without Sonny and Carly as close friends and to cut all mob links. Jason and Sam had taken the first steps toward achieving their plans when Patient 6 arrived in Port Charles. His arrival interrupted their plans and disrupted their lives.

General Hospital spoilers hint that faced with the challenge of choosing between the Jason and Patient 6, Sam decides to choose the new life that she and Jason had started building before they were interrupted by Patient 6's arrival. Sam makes a firm decision to stand by Jason despite the revelation that Patient 6 is the real Jason Morgan.

"She truly loves the man she is married to. She loves Scout's father. She loves the life they're starting to build and the life that he's promised her," co-head writer Shelly Altman said in a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest.

Sam's decision would come as a great relief to Jason and could help him to regain his emotional stability. He panicked when Patient 6 arrived in Port Charles. He falls into deep despair after Andre's bombshell revelation and Sam begins to fear that he could be on the verge of a mental breakdown. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sam seeks Patient 6's assistance to help Jason recover from the shock and trauma of his recent experiences. However, GH spoilers hint that when Sam connects with Patient 6 and asks for assistance, Jason's fears and insecurities get the better of him. His jealousy puts a strain on his relationship with Sam.

Sam tries hard to reassure him and let him know that she still loves him despite Andre's revelation that he is not Jason Morgan but Drew. However, no matter how hard she tries to reassure Jason (Billy Miller) his fears and insecurities about his status relative to Patient 6 persist.

Will Jason's insecurities and jealousy ruin his relationship with Sam and push her into Patient's 6's arms?

General Hospital spoilers hint that after making her decision to stay with Jason, Sam begins to doubt her judgment. She wonders whether choosing to stay with Jason was the right decision.

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