These Double Robotic Hands Created By Youbionic Can Make You Extra Powerful

Devender Kundaliya

An Italian startup has developed a double-handed robotic glove that can assist humans in completing multiple tasks simultaneously. According to its maker, the glove can be easily attached to a human arm, providing the person two extra mechanical hands that increase the multitasking abilities of the wearer. The firm even claims that these robotic hands are able to "turn the Native Human to Augmented Human."

This 3D printed device—designed by Youbionic—features two hands that come into operation mode after getting commands from the fingers of the wearer, the Irish Examiner reports. The glove is equipped with motion sensors that can interpret the commands given by the wearer through his/her fingers. After wearing the device, one bionic hand can be controlled using the index and middle fingers, while the other hand is controlled using the ring and pinky fingers. A mounting plate supports the weird-looking extension. It is this plate upon which the mechanical hands angle out in a V-shape. When the wearer moves his/her fingers, different actuators present in the device start running through different open and close sequences.

"This is the first wearable robotic device that will evolve the human race in[to] something new, to turn the Native Human to Augmented Human," Youbionic said.

Youbionic has been working on design and development of robotic hands since 2014. Earlier, the firm had unveiled a 3D-printed, single hand extension version, specifically designed for amputees and other individuals. In this version, electrodes track muscle signals in the wearer's arm and convert them into mechanical hand movements. The firm started taking pre-orders for this model last year. Youbionic further improved the device, but didn't stop there and has now come up with a new two-handed arm extension.

Despite Youbionic's new double hand device being 3D-printed, it is not available as open source. Anyone interested in buying the device will have to spend €1,799 ($2,100). The single hand version is available at €899 (US$1,080).