Lady Gaga Wedding Said To Be Over The Top: Singer Planning Extravagant Ceremony

Lady Gaga is planning one of the most extravagant weddings Hollywood has ever seen, it has been alleged.

The singer, who was allegedly proposed to earlier this month by her boyfriend, Christian Carino, is already said to be planning for the couple’s big day, and in true Gaga style, she wants it to be an event everyone will remember.

Lady Gaga has shied away from keeping the wedding minimal as far as the duo’s budget is concerned, having supposedly mentioned that it’ll either take place in the Hamptons or in Malibu.

Everything from firework displays to a white dove release, a mini-concert of her greatest songs with outfit changes, and exotic animals at the ceremony are things that Lady Gaga is currently talking about having on her big day.

She’s not holding back with what seems to be shaping up as the most extravagant Hollywood weddings in a very long time.

Gaga is said to be head over heels in love with Christian and she’s certain that they are going to last a lifetime, simply by how he has made her feel since getting together.

Having a wedding this over the top is believed to be over the supposed fact that Lady Gaga believes this will be the only time she’ll tie the knot to someone, because she feels that Christian will forever be committed to being with her.

While there’s no doubt that Lady Gaga and her rumored fiance share a close bond with one another, neither one of them has mentioned anything regarding an upcoming wedding, let alone an engagement.

Gaga is being very secretive about her plans, keeping most of her ideas under wraps from family and friends, but from what they’ve heard so far, she’s definitely looking to make it something that everyone will remember, including herself.

The mini-concert she plans on having will consist of songs that will fill up the 45-minute performance she’s given herself, ranging from designer costumes, dancers, and so much more. It’s bound to be quite the celebration.

Lady Gaga is currently on tour, but if rumors are true that she plans to get married in the spring, it will seem as if the dates will fit right into her schedule since the singer will be off the road by the time she plans on supposedly tying the knot with the love of her life.

[Featured Image by David McNew/Getty Images]