Duggar Family Fans Think Jill Duggar Is Pregnant Again After Seeing Derick Dillard’s Thanksgiving Photo

Fans of the Duggar family think Jill had something special to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Derick Dillard recently wished his Instagram followers a happy Turkey Day, and his holiday greeting included a photo of his wife that has some netizens convinced that Jill is pregnant with her third child.

On Thursday, Derick Dillard took a break from celebrating Thanksgiving with his family to share a short Instagram post with his fans. He wrote that he and Jill Duggar were “grateful for all the incredible people in our lives, who have blessed us so much.” It wasn’t long before the image accompanying his message sparked a debate over whether he and his wife also spent their Thanksgiving praising God for blessing them with another pregnancy.

In Derick Dillard’s snapshot, he and Jill Duggar are posing together outside. Their two young sons, Israel and Samuel, aren’t with them. Jill has her hand on her husband’s stomach, and she’s wearing a mustard-colored cardigan over a loose-fitting black shirt. Some fans believe that the Counting On star chose the outfit because she’s trying to hide a small baby bump.

“Black is known to slenderize and help hide pregnancies,” wrote one of Derick’s followers.

“I spy a baby bump,” another remarked.


However, a few skeptics don’t believe that the couple is expanding their family so soon after the birth of their second child. As reported by People, Samuel Scott Dillard was born just four months ago. Jill had to undergo her second C-section to deliver the baby boy.

“She’s still recovering from her c section. Just cuz there’s a bump doesn’t mean she’s pregnant,” noted one of Derick’s followers.

According to Parents magazine, most doctors advise women who have had C-sections to wait at least 18 months after giving birth before trying to get pregnant again. Baby Samuel was born just four months ago, and getting pregnant less than six months after having a C-section would increase Jill’s chances of suffering a ruptured uterus or other complications. However, Samuel wasn’t conceived until about a year and a half after Israel was born, so Jill has demonstrated that she understands the importance of following doctors’ recommendations.

The Duggar family is against using oral contraceptives to prevent pregnancy, but some fans believe that female Duggars practice a form of natural birth control by breastfeeding their babies. According to Parenting magazine, breastfeeding can suppress ovulation. However, it’s not a fail-proof method of birth control; mothers must meet a set of strict criteria in order for it to be effective. These include breastfeeding every two to three hours.

If breastfeeding Samuel hasn’t prevented Jill from getting pregnant with her third child, this would be the second time fans of the Duggar family have accurately predicted an impending pregnancy announcement based on a photo of the Counting On star. As reported by the International Business Times, fans also spent last Thanksgiving speculating that she was pregnant. They thought they spotted a baby bump in a photo that was posted on the Duggar Family’s Facebook page, and they were proved right one month later when Us Weekly broke the news that Jill and Derick were expecting. Jill was about five weeks along when the photo below as taken.

[Featured Image by Derick Dillard/Instagram]