LPBW: Baby Jackson Roloff Goes Christmas Tree Hunting With Grandma Amy, Tori Overwhelmed With Holiday Joy

Thanksgiving Day is barely out the door, but baby Jackson, Tori, Grandma Amy, and the rest of the Roloff clan are already feeling the Christmas spirit. Jackson went out with the family to look for the perfect Christmas tree for Amy. Even the Little People, Big World matriarch’s boyfriend tagged along.

Tori shared a series of new photos on social media showing the Roloff family amidst a backdrop of gorgeous pine trees, courtesy of Christmas Mountain Choose and Cut. Tori also shared how blessed she feels to have a family like the Roloffs.

“Today we helped Grandma Roloff get her Christmas tree,” Tori said. “So blessed to call these people family.”

Tori also gushed over how holidays such as the recent Thanksgiving Day and the upcoming Christmas season gathers families together.

“The way holidays bring everyone together fills my cup with such joy,” Tori said. “I am praying that this season bring your family joy!”

The entire Roloff family, sans Matt, gathered at Amy’s for Thanksgiving and some of them continued the fun by going on a Christmas tree hunting trip. Based on one of the photos that Tori posted, those who went with Grandma Amy were Molly and her husband Joel, Jacob, and his girlfriend, Isabel Rock, and a couple of other people who seems to be related to Joel.

In the comment section, a certain Erin (Silvius) Drum told Tori that she “loved getting to see you today, beautiful lady!” Tori answered that it was “a wonderful surprise to see you and Ben.” Based on Erin’s Instagram profile photo, it was her and Ben with the Roloffs in the photo Tori shared. Another follower confirmed this by saying the “guy in the back” was Ben and that they were friends in high school.

Interestingly, Amy’s boyfriend, Chris Marek, was among the group of people, which Tori said was family. Marek was also present at the Thanksgiving dinner that Amy hosted. Of course, Zach and baby Jackson were also there to lend Amy a hand with her Christmas tree.


Most of the comments on Tori’s post talks about how adorable baby Jackson is, especially in his winter get-up. One follower said Jackson was “too adorable in that hat,” while another said he “is the cutest baby boy on the planet.” Other fans couldn’t help but gush over Jackson’s cheeks, which one follower described as “sweet and squishy.”

One fan suggested that the family should turn Roloff Farms into a Christmas tree farm. Oneclevertchr said that most pumpkin farms in Pennsylvania are also tree farms so things are busy, even after pumpkin season. The fan also said that extending the season would not only be great for Roloff Farms, but also for Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen, particularly her baked goods.

Amy and the rest of the Roloffs have to decide quick if they would take this advice, as pine trees take some time to grow and become profitable. For now, Amy can simply enjoy choosing and bringing home her own Christmas tree from a farm, especially when baby Jackson decides to tag along.

[Featured Image by Tori Roloff/Instagram]