Anna Duggar May Have Been Scared To Leave Josh Duggar During Scandal

Josh and Anna Duggar have been married for a little over nine years, which is the longest any Duggar child has been married thus far. However, their marriage has definitely not been a complete fairytale, as 2015 was riddled with scandals for Josh Duggar.

During that year, it came to light that Josh Duggar had molested four of his younger sisters and one anonymous victim when he was 14 and 15. The family claims that Anna Duggar already knew about this before the pair tied the knot, but some fans and critics are doubtful.

A few months later, a security breach of the cheating website Ashley Madison showed that Josh Duggar had been an active member. Not only that, but he had met up with several women during his time on the website, having had sex with them while married to Anna Duggar.

Anna Duggar’s older brother told her publicly that she should leave Josh. He even offered to support her financially until she found her footing.

New information from an anonymous family friend shows that Anna actually did consider leaving Josh for a time but ultimately decided that she should stick out her marriage. Many are now wondering if Anna was pressured from both sides of her family to stay with Josh.

While her brother seemingly offered her some financial support, it is suspected that her family was very vocal about the fact that they would not continue to support her in any way if she left her husband. According to an insider close to Anna Duggar’s family, the Kellers, the family was even more extreme than the Duggars in some way, which is very difficult to imagine.

Anna’s younger sister, Susanna, had a daughter out of wedlock in 2013, which seemed to freeze her out of the family for a bit. Even though she is getting married this year, it is possible the family will not attend.

Anna Duggar’s siblings Daniel and Rebekah are also divorced from their former spouses, and it has been speculated that they were shunned by the family for a time. Because of this, many feel that Anna, who has no education beyond her homeschool years, would have felt too vulnerable to leave Josh without anyone’s support.

The pair are still married, despite Josh’s transgression.

[Featured Image by Anna Duggar/Instagram]