‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Dog & Beth Chapman Talk About What’s Next

Duane “Dog” and Beth Chapman are giving up bounty hunting after Beth’s cancer diagnosis. Earlier this year, the couple learned that Beth had Stage II throat cancer and that she needed surgery to remove a small tumor in her throat. When Beth was given her diagnosis, her doctors weren’t overly optimistic, leading both her and her husband to wonder if she would be able to win this battle.

Beth prepared for the “fight of her life,” and she and Dog agreed to do a reality television special for A&E, which has been appropriately named Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives. She knew that it wasn’t going to be easy, and Dog knew it, too. Although the couple hasn’t given an official update on Beth’s health in recent weeks, fans have surmised that she is doing okay, based on her recent social media posts.

All of that said, Dog and Beth have chosen to make some adjustments in their lives following Beth’s diagnosis and subsequent treatment. The biggest thing change comes by way of Dog’s job. The couple has confirmed that bounty hunting will no longer be a part of their lives. According to Too Fab, Duane and Beth have chosen to “cut out negativity and stress” from their lives. A big stress factor for both of them was Dog’s job, but it is something that he’s willing to leave behind. It is a decision that they both had to make, and it wasn’t based solely on Beth’s diagnosis. She says that the effect the stress of bounty hunting had on her just wasn’t worth it. She also talked about how things are in America these days, which makes Dog’s job that much more dangerous.


“Times have changed. We live in a different world. People have a different respect for law enforcement, which is quite saddening. A lot of people do not have a respect for the judicial system and it is causing a slight collapse of our society. I feel like, even though I had a 50/50 chance with this surgery, Duane has a 50/50 chance every time he leaves the house and that contributes to my stress. Will he come home alive every day that he leaves? There is a completely different mood in our country these days. There’s a big movement out there that people are trying to push the fact that people are in jail because they’re poor. People are not in jail because they’re poor, brother, they’re in jail because they broke the law. That way of thinking could get law enforcement killed, it could get my husband killed. In going through something as traumatic as what we just went through, for me a lifestyle change is in order,” Beth told the outlet.

Dog still wants to work, preferably with law enforcement, but he doesn’t know exactly what he will do just yet. He is still focused on his wife and her health as the two navigate the world with different points of view.

Duane and Beth will talk a lot more about their lives and their future plans on Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives. A&E will air the show on Monday, November 27, at 9 p.m. Eastern.

You can watch a preview in the video below.

[Featured Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]