‘Destiny 2’: Xur Brings Back Merciless Plus Mask Of The Quiet One For Titans


Destiny 2 players shouldn’t head into the game this weekend expecting Black Friday style deals from Xur. The Agent of the Nine has his usual selection of Exotic wares available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC players and it includes a Merciless Fusion Rifle.

Xur is spending Black Friday through Cyber Monday in a cave in the Giant’s Scar area of Io in Destiny 2. A marker on the Director map shows his location on the moon of Jupiter. Simply select the marker then fast travel to the area to find him easily. A loot chest spawns in the cave sometimes plus there is a lore item to investigate. A Public Event frequently takes place outside as well, so it can be a pretty happening spot.

Warlocks and Hunters are the only ones to get new Exotic pieces with the Starfire Protocol Chest Armor and Lucky Pants Boots. However, the Titans have the best armor piece of the week with Mask of the Quiet One, plus the Merciless is always a top-tier choice for weapon of the week.

As a reminder, the Power Level of all Xur’s Exotics scales according to the Guardian’s current Power Level up to 270. You’ll need to Infuse the items to make them any more powerful than that.

Destiny 2 players will have until the weekly reset the morning of Tuesday, November 28 to pick up this slate of exotics from Xur. This occurs at 4 a.m. ET / 1 a.m. PT.


The Merciless Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2.
Featured image credit: Bungie/Activision

The Merciless Exotic Fusion Rifle is a welcome return weapon of the week for those who missed it the first time around or for PC players. The weapon is a damage dealing machine thanks to the “Conserve Momentum” perk. This causes the weapon to charge faster until a kill is earned, which is fantastic to use to burn down mini-bosses and bosses in Destiny 2.

Mask of the Quiet One

The Mask of the Quiet One Exotic Titan Helmet in Destiny 2.
Featured image credit: Bungie/Activision

This helmet is one of the better Titan Exotic armor pieces in Destiny 2. The Mask of the Quiet One pairs up nicely with the Sentinel Titan to grant health regeneration from Void Ability kills via the “Dreaded Visage” intrinsic perk. All Titan sub-classes also gain melee, grenade, and class ability energy when damaged.

Lucky Pants

The Lucky Pants Exotic Hunter Boots in Destiny 2.
Featured image credit: Bungie/Activision

These are an incredibly situational set of Exotic boots in Destiny 2. The “Illegally Modded Holster” perk increases Hand Cannon ready speed and initial accuracy. This makes Lucky Pants mostly useful for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players but PC players don’t gain that big of an advantage as Hand Cannons are already pretty accurate on that platform. Pick it up for the collection knowing there is usually going to be another Exotic players will want equipped but the good news it comes with a Recovery mod.

Starfire Protocol

The Starfire Protocol Exotic Warlock Chest Armor in Destiny 2.
[Image by Bungie/Activision]

This Exotic Chest Armor is for the Dawnblade Warlocks who enjoy using the Fusion Grenade. The “Fusion Harness” perk grants an additional grenade charge and grenade kills will fully replenish the energy for the Rift class ability. Fusion Grenades are not as powerful as they were in Destiny 1 but the compensation for Rift energy can be incredibly useful in tight spots or when needing a damage boost against bosses. The largest downside to the Starfire Protocol is the Destiny 2 meta currently favors the other two Warlock classes over the Dawnblade.

[Featured Image by Bungie/Activision]