Jennifer Aniston Is Reportedly Not Leaving L.A. To Save Marriage

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have been together since 2011 although they didn’t tie the knot until August 2015. However, just like any other famous relationships, the couple has been also the subject of controversies that they can’t steer clear of. Rumors are rife that the 48-year-old actress is leaving Hollywood behind in an attempt to save her marriage that has reportedly hit a snag.

However, Gossip Cop recently reported that there is no truth to these rumors that Jennifer Aniston is relocating to New York to focus more on her husband. According to the news outlet, she is certainly not leaving her career in Hollywood and there is no divorce in the pipeline. She’s been married to Theroux for a couple of years now, and most fans are certain that their marriage is nothing but brilliant.

So, does this mean that she stays in Los Angeles? If so, then her fans have nothing to worry about not seeing her on TV again or even around L.A. The pregnancy rumors are reportedly not true either and there is no miracle baby as what OK! Magazine previously claimed. Jennifer Aniston has been one of the most famous stars in Hollywood and fans hope that her marriage to Theroux would not affect her career as a veteran actress.

Jennifer Aniston at the premiere of Universal Pictures' 'Wanderlust'
Jennifer Aniston at the at Mann Village Theatre [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]Featured image credit: Jason MerrittGetty Images

Deadline recently confirmed that Jennifer Aniston also has a new morning show as ordered by Apple with Reese Witherspoon. Apparently, moving to New York for good may not be a good idea for her, especially when her hands are full with the new TV project. She’s apparently a busy woman, but fans are certain that her husband understands these circumstances.

This is not the first time that Jennifer Aniston faces controversies. Recently, a website claimed that the actress started a celebrity group supporting U.S. president Donald Trump. However, Snopes reports that this was falsely attributed to the actress as there were no interviews, publications, or proof to this alleged support group for the American leader. Instead, the story talked about the president and one of his supporters, Pete Davidson during a Saturday Night Live episode in December 2016.

It was clearly a clickbait to mislead the people about Jennifer Aniston as she was only mentioned in the news that she has a rumored new clothing line with singer Sherly Crow. So facing this kind of controversy isn’t new to her.

Either way, everyone hopes that none of these rumors are true, especially her alleged troubled marriage to Justin Theroux.

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