Galaxy X: Release Date, Key Details On Samsung’s Next Game-Changer Appear To Have Been Released

Rumors of the Galaxy X started spreading even more a couple of weeks ago. Samsung’s competitor to the iPhone X is speculated to be a game-changer in the smartphone industry. Samsung is rumored to be developing the revolutionary Galaxy X, which is believed to be a competent challenger to Apple’s iPhone X.

A leak was recently found on Samsung’s official website, which seems to suggest that the Galaxy X will be released sometime next year. According to TechRadar, the model number, SM-G888N0, rumored to be assigned to the Galaxy X, appeared on Samsung’s support page.

The leak suggests that the Korean company may be preparing for the iPhone X killer’s launch soon. Although based on model number, the Galaxy X will be released only in South Korea at the beginning, as suggested by the sequence ending in “N0.” This suggests that the tech company is being cautious with the launch of the device and wants to test it out at its home market first.

Shortly after its discovery, however, traces of the model number were erased. Tech enthusiasts must take the leak with a grain of salt, as Samsung has not confirmed the model number of the Galaxy X. So, the leak may not be referring to the Asian tech giant’s upcoming game-changer. Although, there is nothing to suggest that the Asian company is working on an entirely different handset than the Galaxy X.

According to BGR, Samsung is not capable of developing a smartphone with similar features as the iPhone X. So, the company might choose to sail on unchartered territory and develop a phone with a never-before-seen design instead.

The Galaxy X fits perfectly in this category. Based on a patent leaked by Dutch publication Galaxy Club, Samsung’s revolutionary phone will have two screens. The screens can be folded and will be made of two separate OLED displays, reported The Express. According to speculations about the device, each screen can run independently, with each one capable of holding different applications.

Samsung will probably build the Galaxy X with monster-level specs to support its unique design and multi-level functions. Given that the South Korean company is already upgrading its A-Series of devices, Galaxy-fans can expect revolutionary grade specs on the iPhone X killer.

The implications of a dual-screen phone are numerous. Samsung would have to find new and innovative ways for consumers to use the design.

[Featured Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]