Le Parcel Brings Monthly Delivery Service To Your Monthly Cycle

Le Parcel is bringing monthly subscription services to an area where it makes sense, a woman’s monthly cycle. The company offers a home delivery service that provides females with their preferred brand of tampons, pads, and panty liners.

The startup allows buyers to choose their favorite brand of feminine hygiene products, and it then delivers those products along with some chocolates on a monthly basis.

The website currently includes more than 30 different products including tampons, pads, and panty liners. Buyers can choose between top brands including Tampax, Kotex, Always, and Playtex.

Buyers pay $15 per month, and, for that cost, they receive 30 different products, which can be mixed and matched. For example, you can choose 10 Tampax Tampons, throw in 10 Super absorbent Playtex products, and add 10 Always panty liners. By mixing and matching products, females can match their cycle needs with the service’s convenience.

The platform is consumer friendly, allowing females to choose when they need their shipments to arrive in order to receive their product well ahead of their period.

We order DVDs by mail, guys order razors by mail, and we often have auto-bill pay setup for other bills, so why not do the same for products that females actually need.

Here is a video produced by the team at Le Parcel which explains their simple, cost effective female hygiene products platform:


As a guy, I applaud any service that saves me from hearing “honey can you run to the store and buy me some tampons.”

The service has been met with a few harsh reviews in other write-ups, mostly surrounding the price structure and products available; however, it’s still a young service with plenty of time to scale its services and ultimately its pricing.

Interested in this service? Visit LeParcel.com to begin ordering your feminine hygiene products today.