Tyron Woodley Makes Nate Diaz An Offer For ‘UFC 219’ Fight

With UFC 219 looking for a second main event to end the year, the UFC is still in negotiation with Nate Diaz and Tyron Woodley for a title fight. Woodley told MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani that Diaz is only willing to come back to fight Conor McGregor or for a title.

It is reported that a title fight with Tyron Woodley was offered, and Nate is currently negotiating his pay for the match. With the Holly Holm vs. Cyborg fight book for the December 31 event in Las Vegas, UFC is looking for a second title fight to boost interest in the card.

According to MMA Fighting, Nate Diaz’s coach Richard Perez stated that the UFC is not paying enough to get the 30-year-old fighter back in the octagon.

Coach Perez says his Stockton fighter deserves about $15 million to return to the Octagon, and Tyron Woodley offered a solution in reaction to the news. The Welterweight champion suggested that they both get $5 million upfront and the winner of the fight earns another $5 million.

It is unclear how much Nate Diaz is demanding for the fight. Diaz earned a disclosed payout of $2 million in his second fight against McGregor at UFC 202. This does not include bonuses or any potential PPV revenue share.

Coach Perez stated that it is unlikely Diaz will compete at UFC 219; however, the negotiations are still ongoing. His coach believes that Diaz will outbox Woodley due to his reach advantage. Perez also stated that Nate’s ground game will be effective against Woodley due to his submission skills.

Woodley stated that he has signed his part of the deal and it is up to Nate whether the fight will happen. Another potential title fight at UFC 219 is between lightweight interim champion Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Daniel Cormier stated that Tony has not accepted the bout, and he encouraged Ferguson to accept the challenge on Twitter.

Khabib made it clear that he is focused on Edson Barboza but is willing to fight Ferguson if given the opportunity. The chances of Nate fighting at UFC 219 is based on the money at this point.

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