Kendall Jenner Causing Clippers To Lose Amid Blake Griffin Romance: Team Urges Star To Dump Model

Kendall Jenner is causing the Los Angeles Clippers to lose the majority of their games and the team is said to be furious about it.

According to Hollywood Life, Jenner has been dating Blake Griffin for the past couple of months now, and with every game that Kendall attends, the Clippers happen to lose to their opposing team.

It’s gotten to the point where Blake’s fellow NBA players don’t even want Kendall Jenner near them because they are so paranoid about the Kardashian curse, which supposedly sees teammates play worse when the famous family is in tow.

The Clippers don’t consider themselves to be a bad team by any means, but sources say that Griffin’s team is heavily blaming his relationship with Kendall Jenner for the main reason why they have been losing so many games as of late.

Blake is torn because he thinks it’s all a bunch of nonsense but he still wants to keep a good working environment with his friends when they are on the court trying to beat their opponents, which hasn’t exactly been going to plan.

Supposedly, if the Clippers could have it their way, they’d rather not have Kendall Jenner show up to any other games because they simply feel as if the presence of a Kardashian-related family member watching them play heavily affects their ability to win the game.

When Blake Griffin gets in the locker room, all that he reportedly hears is Kendall Jenner’s name being mentioned and how she is supposed to be contributing to the Kardashian curse just by being at one of their games.

It hasn’t gotten to the point yet where players are openly telling Blake to keep his girlfriend away, but they have definitely been hinting it.

Hollywood Life adds that if things don’t start improving soon, Griffin could potentially have a nasty fallout with his teammates over Kendall Jenner’s decision to show up and support her man while he’s playing basketball.

Losing nine games in a row has left quite an unremarkable impression on the Clippers’ fans, and they clearly don’t want any more distractions.

Kendall Jenner has yet to respond.

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]