Drake Abandons Bella Hadid After Brief Fling — The Weeknd Date Night To Blame?

Drake has reportedly stopped talking to Bella Hadid out of the blue, and sources say it could have something to do with her recent get-together with The Weeknd.

According to reports, the couple was briefly seeing one another but never confirmed or denied reports because they wanted to keep their romance private and as discreet as possible.

At the time, insiders stressed that Drake wouldn’t have been comfortable with the idea of it getting out for the world to know because he’s close friends with Hadid’s on-off boyfriend, The Weeknd.

For Bella’s 21st birthday, the supermodel celebrated her big day at a lavish building in New York that was reportedly all paid for by Drake, but weeks after the festive event, the rapper completely shunned the model and hasn’t spoken to her since.

It’s unclear as to why Drake has taken the sudden route to stop speaking with Hadid, but it seems evidently clear that he’s no longer interested.

The report, which originally comes from Us Weekly, stresses that Bella is somewhat confused by the sudden decision for Drake to no longer communicate with her — they aren’t speaking at all anymore, and that’s despite having had such a great time together.

Bella has known Drake for years, so him suddenly shunning her has taken her by surprise, but it’s assumed that The Weeknd recently being spotted leaving her New York apartment has something to do with the matter.


Now that it’s officially known that the “Secrets” singer is no longer dating Selena Gomez, it’s presumed that Drake would have already thought that his pal would try and get back with his ex-girlfriend.

His relationship with The Weeknd seems more important to him than what he had shared with the supermodel, which would then explain his decision to cut all ties with her, but the supposed fact that he completely ignores her now also seems uncool.

Recent reports have claimed that Bella has no actual intentions of getting back with The Weeknd right now. While she may have been seeing Drake, she had no actual intentions of suddenly hooking up with her ex-boyfriend again.

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They have been friendly ever since Selena was out of the picture, but there has been no actual sign of a reconciliation from Bella’s end, other than that the R&B superstar was spotted leaving Hadid’s apartment earlier this month.

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