Bears GM Phil Emery: Bad Offense Cost Lovie Smith His Job

While Love Smith ran an amazing defense during his time with the Chicago Bears, his team’s nine years of lousy offense ultimately cost the head coach his job. Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Bears GM Phil Emery admitted that a head coach with a more consistent offensive line was needed to help the Bears win another Super Bowl title.

Speaking at a Tuesday press conference, Emery revealed:

“During the course of Smith’s career, we’ve had one offense that ranked in the teens (in 2006, when the Bears advanced to the Super Bowl). We haven’t had the balance between our defensive excellence. We have searched for answers. The end result is we did not have enough consistency. That, paired with not getting into the playoffs on a consistent basis, I made the change moving forward.”

In his three years as the head coach of the Chicago Bears, Lovie Smith led his team to the postseason three time.

Following the decision to fire Smith, chairman George McCaskey said it was “very difficult” because “our family has high regard for Lovie.”

Lovie also admitted during his final meeting with team executives:

“I was struggling to keep my emotions in check”

The Chicago Bears now must begin the arduous task of finding a new head coach for the team. The team’s first interview will be with Dallas Cowboys special teams coach Joe DeCamillis. Emery and DeCamillis last worked together with the Atlanta Falcons.

Also to be interviewed is Denver offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan. Special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong of the Atlanta Falcons will also meet with management.