Joy-Anna Duggar Fans Deduces Due Date On Instagram With Baby Bump Pictures, Wedding And Honeymoon

Joy-Anna Duggar’s baby bump is the talk of the town. Not only did she announce her first pregnancy just three months after her wedding date, but she also sported a bump so large that got the fans wondering if she is much further along than she claims to be. Now, it has been six months since she tied the knot with Austin Forsyth and the fans are using all the details to figure out exactly when her due date may be.

The 20-year-old Duggar’s pregnancy has been one of the least talked about pregnancies within the Duggar family. Her older sisters, Jill and Jessa Duggar, have always been very public with their pregnancies, sharing due dates, exactly how far along they are along with a baby bump mirror selfie, what they are craving, the various illnesses they have had, and the challenges of carrying a child.

However, Joy has not revealed many details about her first baby. She has not let her fans know exactly when the baby due date is or how far along she is. This made fans wonder whether her pregnancy was a result of premarital sexual relations, which resulted in a “shotgun” wedding.

Fans also suspected of Joy and Austin using an “old picture” to cover up how far along the baby is.

“This is an old picture,” one fan stated. “It was the first picture they used to announce her pregnancy. Unless she is having twins, she is way too big for her dates to match.”

Using all the details that they have been given, Counting On fans started to do some serious detective work to figure out when she is due.

“She got married in May I think,” one fan deduced. “So has to be around March.”

“I got pregnant in May and am due at the beginning of February. [I] don’t know why all of you think that just because she got married in May you know when her last menstrual cycle was,” one fan commented. “Which is what they base your due date off of. Stop judging.”

“February would be a full term baby – and exactly when she should be due,” another chimed in.

But others seem to think that Joy may give birth much earlier and try to say that it was an early baby.

“Can’t wait for that ‘premature baby’ to be born 7-8 months after the wedding,” one fan commented.

Joy-Anna Duggar has followed in the footsteps of her older sisters by expecting her first baby before celebrating her first wedding anniversary.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]