David Cassidy’s Pop Hits: What Are His Top Charting Partridge Family And Solo Songs?

In his lifetime, David Bruce Cassidy recorded 10 albums with the Partridge Family and five solo albums, selling over 30 million albums worldwide. Most of his biggest hits were between 1970 and 1972. So, what are the David Cassidy’s top charting songs?

According to Billboard, David Cassidy performing with the Partridge Family had nine hits on the Top 100, with seven that made it to the coveted “top 40” status. Five of the ten Partridge Family albums made the top 40-charting albums, and three even made it to the prestigious top ten.

“I Think I Love You”

According to Billboard, “I Think I Love You,” the first hit from the Partridge Family, starring Shirley Jones and featuring David Cassidy, spent three weeks at number one starting on November 21, 1970, exactly 47 years to the date before David Cassidy died. This was the first hit on The Partridge Family Album, the premiere album by the band led by Shirley Jones and David Cassidy, the only two actors who sang on their records.

Written by Tony Romeo, “I Think I Love You” was covered a second time by David Cassidy in 2003 on his Touch of Blue solo album.

Nearly a dozen covers of the iconic song include an energetic version by Katie Cassidy, David’s daughter. She recorded her version of her dad’s iconic song at the tender age of 16. Even Paul Westerberg of the Replacements recorded his own ironic version of the pop song.

Then, in 1994, the song earned a new cultural reference because of the Rom-Com, Four Weddings and a Funeral. According to Biography, when Hugh Grant, playing the lovestruck Charles, told Andie MacDowell, who played the sassy American, Carrie, how he felt, the lyrics from the fabled song brought the couple together in a very satisfying way.

“In the words of David Cassidy … in fact, uhh, while he was still with ThePartridge Family … uhh, I think I love you.”

“Doesn’t Somebody Want To Be Wanted”

This Partridge Family song from the album Up To Date reached number 6 on the Billboard Charts, on March 27, 1971.


David Cassidy’s solo career started strong with this hit from the album of the same name. “Cherish” reached number 9 on December 25, 1971

“I’ll Meet You Halfway”

This Partridge Family favorite was another hit from the Up To Date album. “I’ll Meet You Halfway” reached number 9 on the Billboard Charts on June 12, 1971.

“I Woke Up In Love This Morning”

Another Partridge Family fan favorite from the Sound album, “I Woke Up In Love This Morning” reached number 13 on Billboard on September 25, 1971.


“Lyin’ to Myself”

Just 20 years after his first chart hit, this David Cassidy solo song from his self-titled album reached number 37 on November 17, 1990.

“It’s One of Those Nights”

Another song written by Tony Romeo, this Partridge Family song, starring Shirley Jones and featuring David Cassidy, was from the album, Shopping Bag. “It’s One of Those Nights” reached number 20 on January 22, 1972.

“How Can I Be Sure”

From David Cassidy’s second solo album, Rock Me Baby, this rocking number reached number 25 on July 1, 1972.

“Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”

This Partridge Family, starring Shirley Jones and featuring David Cassidy, remake of the Neil Sedaka song from At Home With Their Greatest Hits reached 28 on August 19, 1972. This was the only new song on an album of Partridge Family hits.

“Could It Be Forever”

Rounding out the top ten David Cassidy songs is another song from the Cherish solo album. This song reached number 37 on the Billboard Charts on April 1, 1972.


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