Free Xbox One December Games Include ‘Warhammer — Vermintide’ And ‘Back To The Future: The Game’

Microsoft announced the free Xbox One titles for December from the Games with Gold program. Xbox LIVE Gold subscribers can look forward to a trip to the dark fantasy world of Warhammer – Vermintide and go Back to the Future. There is also a pair of quirky Xbox 360 backward compatible titles that are unique in their own ways.

The month of December opens with the co-op first-person game, Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide from Fatshark, and will be available through the end. It will be joined by the backward compatible Child of Eden, which will only be available for free through December 15.

Meanwhile, the free games shuffle on December 16 brings Telltale Games’ Back to the Future: The Game – 30th Anniversary Edition through January 15. It will be paired up with the Xbox 360 backward compatible hack-and-slash title, Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death.

As a reminder, the slate of Xbox One and Xbox 360 free games from November are still available. Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands will hang around until December 15 and Deadfall Adventures will drop off on November 30.

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide

[Image by Fatshark]

Fatshark’s take on the four-player survival co-op shooter popularized by the Left 4 Dead franchise takes place in the dark fantasy universe of Warhammer. Players can choose from five different heroes in Warhammer – Vermintide to do battle against hordes of humanoid rats, called Skaven. The game is very action heavy between ranged and melee combat.

Warhammer – Vermintide offers plenty of replayability and was praised for its co-op setting and bringing something different to the table other than zombies. The Xbox One version earned a 77 aggregate review score from Metacritic, with the main complaints being difficulty and various bugs.

Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death

[Image by 505 Games]

The release of Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death was an attempt to bring an over-the-top hack and slash title to the Xbox 360 that manages to go over the top in a silly fashion but did not have much depth or technical quality behind it. This title earned a 66 from Metacritic but is probably worth a peek in the same way some bad B-movies are fun to watch and roast.

Back to the Future: The Game

[Image by Telltale Games]

Before there was The Walking Dead and Tales from the Borderlands, Telltale Games was trying its hands at various movie properties like Back to the Future. The game was originally released on the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 before making the jump to the current generation of consoles with the 30th anniversary edition. Expect more point and click adventure with some choice and consequence actions with some light puzzles.

Child of Eden

[Image by Ubisoft]

This somewhat trippy rhythm action game from Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi. It was originally conceived as a Kinect motion-controlled game but it plays even better with a controller. The game received favorable reviews for the music and action with an 84 Metacritic score.

[Featured Image by Fatshark Games]