‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Liz Can’t Dump Franco For Jason Identity Lie — Here’s Why

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Franco (Roger Howarth) is anxious that Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) might leave him to pursue either Jason Morgan or his twin brother Drew. Seeing Liz with new-Jason (Billy Miller) on Thanksgiving upset Franco. Since that Jason is the one that Liz almost married, that explains why Franco encouraged him to fight to keep his identity as Jason Morgan. But Franco already knows whether new-Jason is the real deal or the Drew twin but is lying.

Franco and Liz are like-minded liars

If you glance back at General Hospital history from when Liz almost married Jake Doe, you’ll recall that she knew that he was Jason Morgan. Liz knew he already had a wife in Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) and was father to Danny Morgan (TK Weaver) and Jake Webber (Hudson West). Still, Liz wanted to wed him and keep Jake Doe for herself even if that meant a lifetime of lying. It was only Carly Corinthos’ (Laura Wright) testing his DNA that stopped the ceremony, along with the facial reconstruction program.

General Hospital spoilers from that time showed that Carly stopped the wedding in the eleventh hour, but Liz still kept lying. At first, Jake Doe didn’t want to accept the Jason Morgan moniker and went back home to Liz and curled up in bed with her. It was only later that Liz’s role in keeping the secret unfolded and Jake Doe realized Liz betrayed him by keeping him away from his family. This lie is a lot like the lie that Franco is telling now. Franco wants to keep the woman he loves, and so he’s fibbing about Jason.

Liz and Jake Doe could have married

The truth bomb that Franco might be hoping to avoid is this revelation. If new-Jason is Drew Q and not Jason Morgan, then Liz and Jake Doe could have married back in November 2015. This She Knows Soaps General Hospital recap reminds us that it was only Carly and her DNA proof that stopped Jake and Liz from marrying. They were in love and were happy but as soon as Carly “proved” that he was Jason Morgan, Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) made a beeline to see him, and that started the undoing of Liason.

Although Liz hasn’t said it out loud, she is acting loyal to new-Jason. She told him when he dropped by this week that she thinks he’s Jason Morgan, but that could be her trying to be a friend to Jake Doe and loyal to her lover Franco. Her treacherous sweetie Franco is worried that the former Jake Doe and Liz might rekindle since they were unfairly split up two years ago. Liz seems to have no love for the returned Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and no affection for him when she visited him in his PCPD cell.

Sam and Liz are in the same boat

Although it’s strange to think about, Sam and Liz are in the same emotional boat right now. Both Sam and Liz are denying that Steve Burton’s character is the “real” Jason Morgan because to do so would put their happy lives at risk. If Sam admits that she’s married to Drew Q, that complicates her life and her husband would be crushed that she’s lost faith in his rights to be Jason Morgan. For Liz, if she admits Burton’s guy is Jason, that means she wasn’t wrong for falling for Jake Doe who is now married to Sam.

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Hub promise that Franco’s secret will be exposed soon. Dr. Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) is plagued by guilt and comes back to Port Charles soon to admit his part in the memory swap science and reveal which twin is which. With Andre’s confession, both Sam and Liz must decide what this means for them once they can no longer deny the truth. Sam may be a bigamist and Liz might have been cheated out of a husband if Carly was wrong about Jake Doe’s ID.

Franco’s lie revealed too

Other General Hospital spoilers tease that Andre’s return and confession could prove problematic for Franco. If Andre also reveals that he left evidence with Franco, who then chose to keep it secret, all heck will break loose. Everyone will be furious at Franco for holding back, but his motives weren’t unkind. Franco feels a kinship with Drew Q because of their time together as kids, and he didn’t want the guy’s life to be wrecked since GH spoilers and rumors hint that Billy Miller is Andrew Q, not Jason Morgan. With the truth out about the twins and Franco keeping the secret, will Liz dump Franco for his dishonesty?

It will be clear to Liz that Franco’s insecurities were partly to blame for him keeping quiet, but that was truth she needed for her son Jake. Franco’s lying about Jason’s identity is similar to Liz’s lie about Jason’s identity in 2015, but if Franco reminds her, she might be even angrier. The truth of which twin is Andrew is not the end of this story, but the beginning. Catch up now on the latest GH scoop on Travis Schuldt’s debut as Ava’s sketchy burn doc and the war between the Q twins. Plus, be sure to check back often for more General Hospital spoilers and news.

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