Amber Heard Talks Living Honestly Post Johnny Depp Divorce, Comments On Being A Role Model

It’s been nearly a year since Johnny Depp and Amber Heard finalized their difficult and very public divorce and cut ties after a tumultuous demise to their marriage and relationship.

While Johnny Depp has carried on in his career and also in the face of numerous additional legal battles with former management reps and attorneys, Amber Heard carried on a relationship with Tesla founder, Elon Musk. That romance went South over the summer, reportedly due to the distance constantly between the two as Heard was filming her latest role in Australia.

The marriage between Depp and Heard was called off by the Aquaman star in mid-2016, at which point Amber also alleged abuse by Johnny Depp and sought a restraining order. Although the former couple released a joint statement that seemingly watered down Heard’s accusations and left the masses wondering as to the truth behind the matter, Heard has recently spoken about her own truth and need to live honestly, despite the fallout or unpopularity a decision might bring.

In an interview with GQ Australia, Amber Heard speaks about life since Depp and about becoming a role model due to her actions leading up to finalizing their marriage.

“I feel incredibly fortunate that I’m in a position where I could be of any help. At times it’s a burden to consider that your life is no longer just yours and it’s not private…I always tend to do things truthfully and do the right thing. All I strive for in life is never get the temptation to try to be popular, liked, accepted. It’s never anywhere equal to the desire I have to live my life truthfully and with dignity and with pride.”

Although allegations against Johnny Depp never went forward in court, and the Pirates of the Caribbean star denied ever harming Amber Heard, the actress continues to speak out regarding domestic violence and reminds of the importance to come forward instead of letting the cycle continue. Amber also ensures to suggest the reasons women often don’t come forward against their abuser.

“You scratch your head wondering why women go through this sort of harm most often behind closed doors. Just look at how we treat those who do come forward.”

Amber Heard has been vocal over recent months, speaking out in defense of women who are victims of domestic violence. The star was even the subject of a PSA ahead of her divorce from Depp being finalized, as Express, U.K. reported, which caused the notable actor to refuse full payment, as Heard’s appearance in the PSA was against an agreement between the stars’ legal teams.

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Eventually, the divorce was finalized when the judge overseeing the case ordered the payment and put a stop to all the motions that had been brought forward, essentially saying “enough is enough.”

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