‘Toy Story 4’ Movie Writer Rashida Jones Accuses Disney Pixar Of Racism, Quits While Defending John Lasseter

Toy Story 4 writer Rashida Jones has left Pixar after Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter went on leave. While there were reports about Lasseter making an “unwanted advance” toward the actor, Jones spoke about the real reasons behind her exit from the esteemed animation studio.

Rashida Jones and her co-writer Will McCormack clarified in a statement that John Lasseter did not make any “unwanted advance.” On the contrary, the reason behind their exit from Pixar is more about the work culture of the company.

According to Jones’ and McCormack’s joint statement, they have left Pixar even though they have high regard for the kind of work the animation studio does. They claim that the reports about Lasseter being the reason behind their exit are “untrue.”

At the same time, Jones and McCormack have accused Pixar of having a racist atmosphere at the workplace. They have also alleged that the company has a gender bias. According to their statement, the work culture at Pixar does not allow women and “colored” people to have an “equal creative voice.”

Pixar has produced 20 feature films so far, According to Entertainment Weekly, only one of those was directed by a person of color and only one was co-directed by a woman.

According to Rashida Jones, John Lasseter has nothing to do with her exit.
According to Rashida Jones, John Lasseter has nothing to do with her exit. [Image by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]

In recent times, big names in the Hollywood show business have been involved in controversies related to sexual abuse.

First, it was Harvey Weinstein. And then, it was Kevin Spacey. Gradually, more people started talking about their experience of sexual harassment in Hollywood. Ben Affleck was accused of groping MTV’s Hilarie Burton in 2003. Comedian Louis C.K. was accused of masturbating in front of his two female colleagues in 2002.

Anna Graham Hunter accused Academy Award-winning actor Dustin Hoffman of sexual harassment. Kristina Cohen accused Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick of rape, according to USA Today.

However, Jones and McCormack have blamed the journalists this time for being in a hurry to name the “next perpetrator” in Hollywood, clarifying that John Lasseter has nothing to do with their exit.

Jones and McCormack co-wrote Toy Story 4. The release date of the much-anticipated movie has been scheduled for June 2019.

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