Madonna’s Nude Pics From 40 Years Ago Up For Auction, Original Photos, Negatives, And Copyrights Included

Madonna’s nude pics from 40 years ago are now up for auction for bidders looking to get the original naked photos of the legendary singer before her big break in Hollywood, thanks to the website who tried to auction out her worn panties and a secret letter from Tupac earlier this year.

From November 22 to December 1, items in The Rock and Roll Pop Culture Auction will be up for grabs, including a total of 108 naked photos of then-18-year-old Madonna Louise Ciccone taken by photographer Cecil I. Taylor, TMZ reported.

According to the Daily Mail, Madonna’s nude pics feature the pop star at the Art World Institute of Creative Arts in 1977. At the time, the famed singer was still living in Ann Arbor, Michigan where she met the photographer responsible for the images.

On top of that, the outlet revealed that the items to be auctioned include black-and-white images of the 59-year-old singer-actress when she was still 18 years old with a starting bid ranging from $800 to $1,200 for each photo. Winning bidders will get the original print and the original negative for the snaps, as well as exclusive copyright to use them.

Madonna’s nude pics that are up for auction on the website were taken before she even released her breakout single “Holiday” in 1983. Based on TMZ’s research, the images were legally captured as proven by the release form signed by Madonna Ciccone on May 19, 1977.

According to TMZ, Gotta Have Rock and Roll were also the ones who previously tried to auction out Madonna’s underwear and a letter from Tupac. In July, the outlet reported about how the 59-year-old pop star took legal actions to prevent the other items from being auctioned on the website.

Based on the article’s most recent update, a New York City court ordered the two items to be removed from the website. A rep for Gotta Have Rock and Roll has since dubbed Madonna’s actions to be “baseless and meritless,” adding that it was done “to besmirch the good reputations of the auction house.”

“Madonna’s allegations will be vigorously challenged and refuted in a court of law in due course.”

Other items auctioned on the website include several items worn and owned by rock ‘n roll legend Elvis Presley, Madonna’s clothing and signed paraphernalia, and many more from famous celebrities, both past and present.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]