Justin Bieber To Marry Selena Gomez, Plans To Change His Bad Boy Behavior For Girlfriend, Rumors Claim

Justin Bieber has massive plans for himself and Selena Gomez, which reportedly include marriage down the line.

The couple, who’ve been back together for the past month now, have had a tremendous bond since reconciling, with sources saying that their reunion was set to happen sooner or later.

Justin Bieber had never fallen out of love with his on-off girlfriend, and following his decision to cancel the remaining dates of his Purpose world tour, one of his biggest goals he had set for himself was to get back with the love of his life.

Having dedicated a majority of his time to church and his religion, Justin Bieber has reportedly made it known that Selena being back in his life has made him the happiest he’s ever been and, according to Us Weekly, he wants to marry her in the future.

Justin can’t see himself being with anybody else, so he’s fully dedicated to bettering his ways for the sake of his relationship with Gomez, a source tells Hollywood Life.

He cherishes every moment they spend together, and she has been the only person that has made Bieber feel great about himself.

Though they’ve only been seeing one another for no more than a month, Justin Bieber and the 25-year-old have been inseparable from one another, as sources reveal that their reconciliation is serious this time.


Neither one of them wants to fuss and fight anymore. They both knew that if they were going to get back together, they would treat the relationship serious.

News of Justin Bieber’s plans to eventually marry his longtime girlfriend comes just weeks after reports claimed that the twosome is already said to be looking for a house together in Los Angeles.

Justin wants to move in with Selena, and she feels the same way about his decision to take the next step in their romance.


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With both of their careers being on a hiatus that doesn’t include much traveling, Justin Bieber wants to use this time to settle down and create a foundation for himself with Gomez in the picture.

Justin Bieber and Selena have yet to confirm their relationship status with fans.

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