Woman Takes To GoFundMe To Ask For Assistance To Reduce K-Cup Sized Breasts

A woman with natural K-cup sized breasts has taken to GoFundMe to request financial assistance for breast reduction surgery.

Sheridan Larkman’s bosom began growing at age 8 and have yet to cease enhancing. Just recently, Larkman was told that she may have to go up another cup size, but she’s hoping to avoid the move by having her large breasts reduced.

“I do pop out the top of my K-cups, but I’m so used to it anyway,” Larkman told News.com.au about her chest.

“They’ve grown all my life, what’s to say that’s going to stop now?”

In fact, Larkman says she has no idea when her breasts will stop growing.

At 16, Larkman saw her first doctor about her then-HH sized breasts and was told that they should only grow a cup or two larger at that time.

“I said, ‘Look, I feel they’re still growing. What can I do?'”

Larkman claims she has received unwanted attention because of her ample bosom, including requests from men all around the world for topless photos. She says she would never adhere to such a request, however.

“I’m not like that,” she said in an interview.

Even worse, the unwanted attention is now affecting her young children.

“Because I have young children, it concerns me if I’m showing the tiniest bit of cleavage. Sometimes you can’t help that. My children are exposed to that, they might think it’s normal for men to speak like that to them one day.”

The woman with the K-cup breasts hopes to raise at least $10,000 on GoFundMe for the reduction surgery and says that her bust has gotten in the way of her leading a normal life, including when it comes to purchasing bras and dresses.

woman k-cup breasts
A woman with natural K-cup breasts has taken to GoFundMe for financial assistance with breast reduction surgery. [Image by Stockphoto4u/iStock]

“Clothing is so hard, especially bras, I can’t just walk into Kmart and find my size,” she says.

In fact, Larkman claims that she has to have her bras specially made online, which have become rather pricey as her breasts continue to grow.

“Larkman’s breast size has caused her to develop mild scoliosis [and] back and shoulder pain,” the New York Post notes, “with her cup size ballooning to an adult size D when she was just 10.”

“Please help me fund a private reduction to save my health and so I can enjoy life more actively with my children and hobbies without restriction,” Larkman expressed on her GoFundMe account.

As of this posting, she has raised a little more than $2,000 toward her goal.

[Featured Image by PeopleImages/iStock]